Anti Award Award

You can vote for me to win an anti-award here on the Crescat’s blog. If I win in my category I will consider it a special honor because I don’t think that a blog named Standing on My Head which aims to be intentionally subversive should really win a proper award. So if the anti award is a way to thumb my nose at the award awards then I hope I win, but it all sounds like sour grapes because I would never win an award award so I have to be happy with an anti award award, and if I win an anti award award can I still tell people that I have ‘an award wining blog’ or would that not be allowed?

  • Matthew M

    Of course it's allowed, it's your blog so brag all you want!

  • flyingvic

    "I don't care to receive an award from any blog that would accept people like me as winners." St Groucho.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Vic–we agree!

  • flyingvic

    Hey – now you've really got me worried!

  • Thaddeus

    You could bill your blog as being an "anti-award-award-winning blog."

  • K

    You been talking to Caitlin recently? lol