Happy Catholic

Here’s another book from a blogger. Julie Davis blogs at Happy Catholic, and she has compiled a sweet little daily reading book based on her blogging style. She draws from a wealth of happy sources from St John Vianney to Alice Cooper to the Simpsons. This is the refreshing strength of blogging: ordinary people with talent draw together insights about life from life, and blogging has helped her draw together fresh material in a ‘blogger’ sort of way.

Julie’s contribution shows us what the new media is contributing to our world: no more are we bound by the dull views of the career journalists, the writers who are on the inside of the publishing world, the predictable intelligentsia and the yawn inducing academics. Julie stands things on their head and helps you to see the world in a new way in the new method of communicating in the new media: bite sized chunks.

I plan to use this book as a daily reader. I’ll keep it by my side when I’m doing the office of readings and after the Divine Office and prayer, I’ll dip into Happy Catholic.

The only thing I will warn Julie about is that in return for the positive review of this book I will probably be stealing a lot of ideas from her.

I haven’t read the whole book because I’m going to dip into it day by day, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s terrific, and expect to hear more about it here on Standing on My Head.