If I tweeted would anybody follow?

UPDATE: There’s a gadget on the right sidebar now if you want to follow my tweets.

  • Fr Stephen Smuts


  • Caedmon

    I would!

  • Sarah

    You should tweet – I would follow you! There is a great network of Catholic Tweeters at various stages/vocations in life. Sarah aka @Redcactusflower

  • Jeff Miller

    Yes, come join the rest of us. Put please do more than just link your blog posts.

  • Jay

    Sure, you should. I'd follow, I follow most anyone, really. :-)

  • Dominic


  • Idle Rambler


  • Atlante

    I will!

  • Paul

    Not me. I have seen some bloggers begin to blog less frequently once they begin using Twitter, and I would rather read your blog posts. And I just can't get into Twitter; the absurdly short post length gives me no incentive to read. I appear to be in the minority though.

  • Daniel @ Campinas

    YES!! I have a list dedicated for Clergy!

  • John


  • Stephen


  • knowledgehungry

    I would follow… but I'm not good at following or remembering to tweet.Jeanne G.

  • oneeyedsmiley


  • oneeyedsmiley


  • Nielsen

    No, twitter is dumb. Don't do it!

  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    You betcha!

  • Just another mad Catholic

    why tweet Father? in your long stay in England you actually learnt something :), don't destroy your intellect by having to reduce everything you say to 146 Characters

  • kkollwitz

    I join Paul in his minority.

  • Brother Mark Menegatti OSA

    About two years ago, I started following @NewAdvent on Twitter. @NewAdvent regularly posts several interesting Catholic news and blog posts. That's where I first saw you.@EphremAugustine

  • Mitch

    No Thank you.

  • Michael

    Tried Twitter for awhile. It has become a place of marketers and famous and not so famous egos.

  • Alejandro H

    Following you from Mexico =D

  • Allison

    I would and I've been tweeting some of your posts. (@TotusTuus) Spreading the faith in 140 characters isn't so hard when you can share a shortened link along with a concise plug. I see it as a way to bring new readers into the blog.You probably already know about #hashtags…#catholic #cathblog #cathmedia #liturgy #vatican #prolife etc… way to reach new followers. Found that there are many new people to learn from and connect with on twitter.Best wishes.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Allison. I don't know about those things you mentioned, and tried to find an email address for you on your blog, but couldn't. Could you please drop me a line about this?