Boomer Cars

I am sure I am not the only boomer male pleased and nostalgic to see the new Chargers, Camaros and Mustangs.

Which gets your vote?

  • kkollwitz

    I've had a V8 Mustang, Firebird or Camaro for the last 25 years or so (learned to drive in my father's Challenger). Having driven none of the current lot, I lean to the Mustang simply based on its relative lightness.Of course if you need to put actual adults in the back, it's the Charger.

  • Frank

    Mustang, the original "Pony Car."

  • Deacon Dean

    I've been a die hard Ford guy my whole life, so I love the Mustang. The Camaro is a pretty amazing looking vehicle, though!

  • Tina

    My husband and I bought a 2012 45th Anniversary Edition Camaro V8 SS this past September. I love it! When you turn that car on it rumbles and with 426 horses I can pass the big trucks with ease now. I finally got my dream car. My previous car was a Honda Civic VP coupe which was a good little car but no comparison to this baby. The Camaro KEEPS ME YOUNG! Check out this 45th Anniversary Edition car and the Chevy commercial about the Old Couple Young again on YouTube.

  • the Egyptian

    Oh hell who's picky, I'd take any of them, can't afford it anyway, this from a guy who's first car was a Vega, and a wagon at that, had several "good cars" a 1985 Hurst Olds for one, but my favorite was a 1966 Olds Toronado. Funny how family life makes you frugal with cars, Oh well maybe a late mid life crisis

  • Father Cory Sticha

    I'm admittedly not a boomer, but rather Generation X (whatever that means). I did grow up around classic muscle cars, as my dad was definitely into them.My vote is for the Charger. Nice driving with lots of interior room, plus plenty of go-fast-now as needed. I really enjoy my '07 Charger, and love the looks of the new Chargers.

  • Anneg

    My grandson, Jacob, says the Charger. Reminds him of McQueen in Cars. btw he's 4

  • Augustine

    I'm a huge fan of the originals, but their reincarnations are emblematic of the paltriness of an industry stuck in the past.Having to resort to past models is an admission of creative failure. Recreate such models without keeping up with current technology (weight, handling, materials, trim, etc) is a bankruptcy.Expect them to be in the middle while other cars run circles around them. For less money and better reliability too.

  • gothmog

    Mustang, but only because I like the Saleen-modded version of Decepticon "Barricade" in the first Transformers film…

  • Annette M. Heidmann

    I've been a Mustang girl my whole life, but these new Chargers have stolen my heart. My head turns every time I see one on the road. :)

  • kkollwitz

    "Having to resort to past models is an admission of creative failure." etc.Is this also true for the VW Beetle and the Mini Cooper?

  • Augustine

    "Is this also true for the VW Beetle and the Mini Cooper?"Absolutely, creative failures, much like endless Hollywood remakes.But at least these have modern technologies. For instance, the Beetle has a fully independent suspension all around, unlike the original. The Mini has an interior that the original never dared.Check out the Camaro's and the Mustang's interiors: 70's interiors, unlike the exteriors, are not admired by anyone.And, excuse me, but when the Challenger tips a hair below 2 tons, followed closely by the Camaro, any horses under the hood are punished by a humongous weight that penalizes mileage.

  • Greg Graham

    I don't know how good a car it is; there is no need me researching them since I will never buy one, but I like the looks of the Challenger. I think it is better proportioned than the Camero. However, I will admit that my inner geek loves the sequentially flashing turn signals on the Mustang.While these cars are fun to look at, I'll stick with my Civic.

  • kkollwitz

    "Absolutely, creative failures, much like endless Hollywood remakes."Wow…also true with respect to, say, architecture, music, and clothes?

  • Michael

    Man, last week it was I want to join the monastery, this week it's I love these shiny red sport cars.just funning with youMichael

  • Ivo Beutler

    There's something about red cars that make them head turners, aside from their colors. Anyway, there is a big difference between the 1968 Camaro and its 2010 counterpart. The former had a purely muscle car look, while the latter had a softer, sleeker appeal to it. Well, that's just an observation.Ivo Beutler