Gadget for Sale

I have a Jabra Cruiser bluetooth gadget for sale. This is a cool doodad which clips on your car visor and connects with your iPhone–allowing you to take calls hands free. It also links in with your car radio, allowing you to play tunes from your iPhone through your radio wirelessly. When you are hooked up to the car radio you can also pipe your phone calls through the car speakers. If you have GPS on your iPhone it pipes the GPS voice through the built in speaker or the car speakers too.

It works real well, but I won’t need it after next week because I’m getting some new hearing aids that have bluetooth capability and connect straight into my iPhone. The gadget cost $100.00 new, and comes with lead for charging the battery, and the instruction booklet. If you want this gadget, you can pay for it by making a PayPal donation on the blog, and I’ll send it to you.

Cost: $75.00 plus $5.00 post and packing.

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