Stick ‘em Up – Day 5

C’mon now. You can do it. Grit your teeth and hit that ‘Donate’ button. Just twenty five bucks is what the good Padre is askin’ you to put in the kitty.

He only asks once a year, and this is it. Twenty five bucks! Why that’s nuthin’. It’s less than seven cents a day! Course, I’m not saying you can’t do more than that. Some folks have been real generous and thrown in more cash than just twenty five. Some less, but do what you can!

Remember, if you want something for your money buy some of the good Padre’s books. They’re real good for curing insomnia, and I’ve used mine to impress people I’m traveling with. I get the book out of my pack and put it on the table and the folks I’m with think I’m a real smart feller.

Remember–you don’t pitch in and I’m gonna get Padre to post that Jesus is My Friend video every day for a month. That’s teach ya, ya hard hearted old skinflint!