Stick ‘em Up – Day Four

Now c’mon! Y’all are not really doin’ the ole padre proud yet. Here he is runnin’ around doing the good Lord’s work and tryin’ hard to make a real purdy and real smart blog for y’all to enjoy, and he’s humbly askin’ you just once a year for a little bit of help on the financial side, and some of you have been real generous, but others of you are being tightwads. Now I ain’t gonna use this here six shooter, but I’ll tell you what I am gonna do if y’all don’t dig deep and hand over the loot.

I’m gonna get hold of the ole padre and tell him to post some more of them puppy dog and kitten posts. You know what I mean. He’s gonna put up that ‘footprints on the beach’ post again, and if things don’t perk up on the donations side of things I’m gonna get him to post that Jesus is My Friend’ video every day for a month. Are you hearin’ me?

So go on. Hit the ‘Donate’ button and make your contribution. Just $25.00 a year and that comes to less than seven cents a day. Shucks! That ain’t even one thin dime a day for this here blog, and I reckon it’s worth a heck of a lot more than that. Don’t you think so too there you yellow bellied old reprobate?

  • Chris

    No, no! No more kittens and puppies! I'm donating… I'm donating!