Stick ‘Em Up – Day Two

That’s right. This is a hold up. For just two weeks every year in the month of November we hold the annual Stick ‘Em Up Campaign in which I humbly ask for donations by the use of emotional blackmail…

Not really. Just a reminder to all the faithful readers that this blog is free, and I (who usually get paid for writing) do all this because I love you all so very much…

The recommended donation is $25.00 for each reader. Do the math. That works out at $.06849315 cents per day. Yes, just under seven cents. That’s not even a dime a day!

For this you usually get at least one post a day–often two or three, and what a cornucopia of Catholic delights! Sensible catechesis, pretty pictures, classy music, corny and sassy humor, devotional insights, some personal from the heart stuff, links to the best in Catholic blogging, serendipitous pictures of people in hats, and don’t forget the stellar cast of guest bloggers: Mrs Brady Catholic Old Lady, Caitlin O’Rourke, Mantilla the Hun, the Vicar, Todd Unctuous, Duane Mandible and a soon to be unveiled new alter ego…

Yes, I am saying today that if you’re generous and realize that padre needs your pennies, then after the campaign is over I will be introducing a new guest blogger.

So please dig in. Hit the ‘Donate’ button. Grit your teeth and make your donation, and if you’re embarrassed at what a small donation $25.00 is I now grant you a formal dispensation to give far more than that if you wish.

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