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I have read recently in a news article on the ‘internet’ that the leaders of the Society of St Pius X have determined that they will not be able to establish reunion with Pope Ratzinger any time soon.

Whenever I read news like this I am saddened, but not surprised. The Society of St Pius X, which in many ways, is an admirable group of people, criticize the Roman Catholic Church for being wedded to ‘modernism’. What my friends at SSPX don’t see is how much their own position is poisoned by modernism. They criticize the ‘smoke of Satan’ which is modernism in the Roman Catholic religion, never seeing the modernistic beam in their own eye!
Our pamphlets reveal how the SSPX continues its stubborn adherence not only to the Tridentine Rite of celebrating the Divine Mysteries, (which was only devised in 1570) but also their shameless refusal to adopt the more ancient practice of wearing the be-ribboned maniple rather than that modernist innovation–the buttoned maniple.Cynics and those who only view things in a shallow way will say that these issues are not important. However, allow me once again to gently explain our position at the Sacred Society of St Philibustre. We reverently celebrate our masses according to the ancient Ambrosianic Rite (non collegian). This exquisite liturgy dates to the early centuries of the Syro-Chaldean Church founded by St Euthanasia the Anchorite. The canon of the Mass is said in secret soto voce in the now archaic, but beautiful Syro-Chaldean language. The altar is behind the sacred ikonostasis and locked within the underground chamber so as not to be violated by the profane laity.

Our priests wear the turban, ruby slippers and ephod, and they bear the Urim and Thummin. In addition they wear the most venerable be-ribboned maniple. Despite many ecumenical meetings to dialogue with our brothers at the Society of St Pius X we have not made significant progress. Despite sound documentary evidence that the be-ribboned maniple is indeed the more ancient tradition, they cling to their buttons.We can never agree with them. They are modernist heretics all. They will never be reconciled to our church, and our Most Holy Father Pope Sylvester will, no doubt, soon excommunicate them. At that point, free of all encumbrances, I expect they will very soon ‘reconcile’ with the apostate ‘pope’ Joseph Ratzinger–and all his fetid crew.

I speak these words in sadness and with dismay, but I would be remiss in my duties as editor of this journal if I did not speak the truth.

  • kkollwitz

    "the 'magic circle'"I wonder if that's like a fairy circle, which we have in our backyard.Sure would be great to have the SSPXers and the Philibustres bring themselves and their energy back into the Church.

  • Anil Wang

    Keep in mind that nothing official has come out of the SSPX other than this: states that no rumours have credibility. What likely happens is that the SSPX rejected the doctrinal statement as it stands. But that's okay since Rome has stated that there's room for clarification (i.e. tighter definition on doctrine) and modification (i.e. assurance that they will be safe and not forced to accept that they see as the hermeneutic of rupture down the road).The postings that you've seen either come from someone who didn't understand that there is a negotiation going on, or more likely, from one of the sedavantists in the SSPX like those under Bishop Williamson who want the talks to fail at all costs. In either case, they have no authority and must be ignored until the SSPX makes an official statement and we should refrain from commenting on the SSPX lest we ourselves sabotage already delegate negotiations.

  • David C Nicoll

    How can you possibly share this heretical blog? After all, Syro-Chaldean is well known under its other name – NEO-Aramaic. Note – NEO, or NEW. Such modernism does you no credit. As our Great Prophet Brian was reminded when he asked his brother Reg "Excuse me. Are you the Judean People's Front?", he was reminded in no uncertain terms that such heresy was unforgivable and that in fact they were the People's Front of Judea. Yours in the truth.

  • Juventutem London

    Father, I do not think allowing this blog post was either charitable, prudent, or helpful. It was also specious and ill-informed.Perhaps you would consider taking it down?

  • Sue

    "We reverently celebrate our masses"Thank you, SSPX !!!

  • Anneg

    Uh, Y'all, look up Dwayne's other blogs. He's always a bit over the top (a bit?)

  • ElizabethK

    Funny, as always. Thanks for the laugh.

  • R. Catesby

    This post is disgusting for two reasons: Firstly, it maliciously attacks the SSPX with the vilest accusations. Secondly, such bile disgraces the owner of this blog as well as the writer, though if this is the writer's normal stuff, it's difficult to imagine how much lower he could bring himself. Hate always seems to find a way, though. My question for the the cowards who impugn the heroic work of the SSPX (but who get to play dress up when they attend a traditional liturgy thanks, by the way to the SSPX, is this: If the SSPX is a bad an organization as you claim, why is the pope negotiating with them? You need to be careful about being to much of a tough guy with the SSPX: You could very well find yourself on the outs by the same people you claim to defend.Anil, nice job in your answer–very well put. It's amazing how ignorant the SSPX haters are. Juventutem and Sue: Right on! Keep it up!

  • Gail F

    Sheesh, the humor impaired strike with a giant mallet!Catesby: Get a grip on yourself. Fr. L doesn't hate the SPPX.

  • Bernie

    Amen Gail

  • gothmog

    St Euthanasia the Anchorite??? As one of my favourite authors Terry Pratchett might remark; "Deary, deary me…" At least there weren't any puns…

  • Geoffrey

    Fr L, I would be VERY wary about relying on this communique from Fr Morgan. Fr Morgan has leaked alleged information about the 7th October Albano meeting without Bishop Fellay's permission: information he was ordered to remove from his website.It seems implausible that he would commit such a gross and public act of disobedience to tell the world the same thing that +Fellay is going to say at a late date.What I think we're seeing is the Society in the process of fracturing in preperation for the sane elements to be reunited with the Holy Father (following +Fellay) while the anti-semitic fringe (+Williamson) goes further and further down the path toward the circus that is sedevacantism (and Duane Mandible and his mates–another fine characterisation Fr L!).

  • R. Catesby

    Yeah, I probably should not drink and blog. Sorry for that. I'm not even sure I understand the post!

  • Andrew

    All his fetid crew. LMAO!