Angels of Advent

Here is my latest article for National Catholic Register. Angels of Advent looks at four angel stories in the lead up to the Nativity of Our Lord.

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    St. Francis de Sales, as well as St. Bernard of Clairvaux and others, explains that St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother were married at the time of the Incarnation, and that St. Joseph, far from being sorrowful or questioning Our Lady, indeed realized that she was the prophesied Virgin who was to bring the Messiah into the world! He, in his deep humility, felt so unworthy of being her spouse, that he felt the best course of action was to leave and go away from her. That was why the Angel of the Lord came to him to calm his fears. St. Joseph is so awestruck and filled with holy fear that the Angel was sent to him to strengthen him. “Do not be afraid”. St. Alphonsus de Ligouri taught that the dignity of St. Joseph is superior to that of all the saints, saving that of the Virgin Mary. He wrote a great deal about the sanctity of St. Joseph, as did St. Jerome, St. Bernard,St. Francis de Sales and many of the Church Doctors and Fathers. I am sorry if I am belaboring a small part of your article, Father, however it is the continued misunderstood perceptions of St. Joseph that are perpetuated througout our Church that keep people from turning to this wonderful Saint for intercession. If priests are still stating things that are at odds with what our Church Doctors and Fathers believed and wrote, then how are the faithful going to know what the Church truly thinks?