New Edition of Gargoyle Code

I am working on the new edition of Gargoyle Code with a whole new section called ‘Slubgrip Instructs’. I plan to publish it as an e-book and audio book this time. Would anyone out there purchase it as an e-book? If so, how much would you be prepared to pay for it?

  • Unknown

    I'd definitely buy it as an e-book. Between $9 and $12 I would say.

  • Jennifer Fitz

    Is it the same Gargoyle Code as last year's, only updated and with some additions? Or is it as second volume?I probably would not buy an update of volume one for myself, since I already own the original. (Though I'd strongly recommend it to others! Happy to post an ad again for Lent. Might send one to my sister for her kindle.)A completely new second volume I'd pay few dollars for in e-book, say 20-50% of the going rate for a print version. I don't usually buy e-books because I hate being stuck to the PC, but in this case it's worth making an exception.