New OLR Church at NLM

Our new church at Our Lady of the Rosary is featured in an important article at the New Liturgical Movement website. Go here.

  • Matthew M

    I have a question. Has your parish always been called OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY? The reason I ask is I grew up in a small town in Ohio that has only 1 Catholic Church, OUR LADY OF VICTORY. I read somewhere that some changed their name from OLoVictory to OLotRosary. Do you know why? Seems a strange thing to do.

  • Sarah R.

    My understanding is that Our Lady of Victory was the original name for the feast commemorating the defeat of the Muslim forces at Lepanto in 1571. In 1573 Pope Gregory XIII changed the feast to Feast of the Rosary. In 1716 the feast was extended to the whole Latin rite and in 1913 it was given its current date in the calendar, Oct. 7th. (Thanks Wikipedia!) My guess is that the churches who changed from OLoVictory to OLotRosary did so around that time. No idea about Fr. L's parish though.