Chust for Nice

Go here to see a pretty fancy church in Poland…

  • john paul 79

    is it a protestant church cause i failed to see any stations of the cross,or confessionals, and the image of the guy at the back over the door has got to be martin luther,pretty fancy though i must say

  • Joe

    That's beautiful Father! By the way I've been meaning to ask your thoughts on that new Catholic church made totally of ice in Germany…any thoughts?

  • Mark

    It's Lutheran, for sure. See about the Churches of PeaceQuite beautiful.If only our modern Catholic churches were similarly decorated! Obviously Lutheranism outside the influence of the iconoclasts.

  • Justin Kolodziej

    Well…there are Lutherans and Lutherans. the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) I helped hand up organ pipes to the loft for (an action I now regret) was about as fancy as the Sahara Desert.It also helps if your church was built in the Baroque era and is a UNESCO landmark.