New Media

I’m expanding the blog with some new media stuff.

So dear readers, talk to me.

What kind of audio files would you download and listen to? I’m thinking people might listen when out for a walk or a run, or on the drive to work, so they want something around 10-15 minutes.

If I recorded a “Thought for the Day” or an apologetics or Bible study audio segment would you download and listen to it? Would you pay something for this? If so, how much? Would you buy five at a time in a bundle to listen to daily?

Would you purchase an audio book if it was me reading it? How much would you spend for an audio book?

Would you purchase and download an e-book? Would you download a bundle of themed articles in a kind of e-book of essays? Would you purchase such a thing as an audio file?

  • Marilyn

    I’m quite sure I would purchase an audio book with you reading it; also, the Bible study sounds good. Just a thought — my Rosary CDs are scratched and almost kaput. Is there a possibility you could incorporate your book, Praying the Rosary, into a Rosary audio file or CD that one could use while driving?

  • jenniferfitz

    I think I'm 100% print right now. Too much noise in my regular life, listening to recordings isn't realistic. I was about to say I'd download something of interest to teens, but honestly my most effective method for getting the boy to absorb grown-up Catholicism is to subscribe to Catholic newspapers and magazines, then leave them in the bathroom.Not what you were asking for, but I figured you ought to know about your print-only contingent.Write more books. Please. Fiction. You know Mantilla's got a novel in her. I'd buy that on e-book, and there aren't many e-books I'd buy.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Chad, that looks like a great website. I didn't know of it before. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Catholic Bibliophagist

    I can't read faster than I can listen, so I seldom use audio books. But that's just me.C.B.

  • Beth

    Father, how about if you had recordings of the Divine Office? The one on my ipod is OK, but I'll bet you could do one that is better. I would be willing to pay to subscribe to that. Thanks,Beth

  • Paul Rodden

    To be honest, if I was in your pastoral care, I'd be worrying that you were about to burn out.I follow only a few blogs, and this is one of them. I think you do plenty enough for us as it is, and your family and friends need your time more than us – or take the time to put your feet up and read that book you've been wanting to read for ages, yet never had the time…Blessings.

  • FO

    I spend a lot of time listening to the lectures of Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser and often wish there was a Catholic equivalent. They are really compelling listening.

  • shadowlands

    Paul said:'To be honest, if I was in your pastoral care, I'd be worrying that you were about to burn out.' No, he sets others on fire! (For God, that is. I don't mean he literally burns people, not unless they really annoy him)And the Holy Spirit is an inextinguishable source of fuel.

  • Paul Rodden

    @Shadowlands.I had to giggle at your middle paragraph!I agree. I have all his books, and have a stack of 'Christianity Pure and Simple', and 'Adventures in Orthodoxy' on my bookshelves which I give to 'cradle Catholics' who show a glimmer of interest beyond 'getting Mass', in the hope that they'll read them.That said, firstly, it would be easy to become a groupie, as he often expresses things which resonate so closely, and so helps me feel sane in the madness around me.But secondly, I must rely on that same Holy Spirit you mention to guide me, and use the great things I've learn from him and share it with others.I think it's too easy to rely on those who are 'feeding' us, rather than attempting to 'feed' others ourselves.Could we demanding too much of our 'good' priests whilst not challenging or encouraging those we have little time for in our own parishes, or not taking as much responsibility as we can, thinking, 'I could never be as good as Fr Longernecker', and so never try?His question challenged me again to reflect upon what I'm doing for the kingdom, and for that, I'm grateful.

  • Michael

    I pretty much read only—not too interested in podcasts or records, except occasionally—and I almost never purchase anything. I'm cheap.

  • shadowlands

    PaulI agree, we must individually bear in mind that all our own works will be put in the furnace on judgment day, to see what lasting worth they have. We can't just leave it to our priests, they need our prayers and support.Sorry, it's all flame talk from me today haha!I wouldn't mind but I'm sitting here freezing! I need soup, which is difficult, yet not impossible to burn, if one is really determined!

  • JennE

    I'm a kindle reader so e-books I would buy. Paper I would buy as well but I am more impulsive with e-books. I don't have a large collection and free e-books outweigh the bought ones so far.You have kids, any fiction for kids? My daughter has my old kindle, she is an avid 11 year old reader. Nothing else. Maybe when the the little one is older, much older – ten years from now might I use an audiobook but can't see it now.

  • Beadelia

    I love your books, and I love your blog (the only one I check daily), but am firmly in the "read only" camp. Like jenniferfitz, I have way too much noise in my life already, and crave the peace of a quiet corner and a good book–or blog–even if I often have to use earplugs to achieve the quiet!

  • marlon

    I would not buy audio books–I just don't like listening to audio books. However, I would buy audio files on subjects that interest me. I would love a series on modern heresies, on atheism, on the rosary, music at mass, etc. A length of 15-30 minutes would be perfect for me. Right now I would not buy e-books, but I am thinking about getting a Kindle, so that might change.

  • mjl

    Go ebooks – reading is how I spend my evenings.