Questions and Answers on the Ordinariate

Go here for my latest article on Catholic Online. It’s a Q&A; all about the Anglican Ordinariate.

  • John

    The Novus Ordo Church along with the confusionit caused me almost destroyed my faith and hope. My children lost their faith to. The clerical corruruption, sacrilege and irreverence destroyed for me what I had cherished most. For years I was lost as a Christian. When I found the Anglican use and observed the reverence, love and Priestly devotion of these wonderful devoted people I was humbled and thrilled that I had found an expression of true Catholic Faith. I will not ever be held hostage to an expression of Catholic faith that forces me to worship My Lord and Savior in an irreverant and sacriligious manner. I am convinced that the Anglican Use may in fact save the Catholic Church here in America. I know the American Bishops are worried that Anglican Use is catching on and many cradle Catholic and converts are finding a new home at the foot of the "ROOD" and our Blessed Mother. So I will kneel at the procession of the Cross and bow my head at the name of Jesus and invoke Blessed John H Newman to plead my cause. Thanks Be to God. Johnofthecrumbs

  • veritas

    John,As an ex Anglo Catholic, the hardest thing I have found over the years, since my conversion to the Catholic Church, is the appalling lack of reverence at so many Catholic parishes. The "goofy" priests, who try so hard to be "one of the mob", to get on with everyone, to prattle through Mass with idiot, supposedly funny comments, designed to make it less formal, have caused me to internally grimace in countless masses.I have endured, as a teacher at Catholic schools, Masses celebrated with us literally sitting on the Library floor around a coffee table – and this included the priest. I have endured ridiculous childish posters, instead of liturgical banners, I have endured mind numbing banal songs instead of hymns.But worse tha all of this – I have endured open heresy and constant attacks on the Pope and Church teachings, coming from the School Principals and flowing through the entire staff.So, like you, I can hardly wait for the Ordinariate to arrive in a place near me!

  • jeff

    People tell me not to get too hung up on lack of reverence/bland trashy hymns etc. "Just learn to see through it and pray inspite of it, don't kick up a fuss. It's really not THAT bad"John has hit the nail on the head with this one. I am doing everything I can to try and see to it that my sons don't renounce the Faith the day after they lose their virginity (and yes, this is how it often happens). I MYSELF may be able to come to a sort of peace with the atrocious state of 95% parishes in the western world, but will my children?