Gargle for Lent

Gargle to get rid of a cold. “Gargoyle” to get rid of sin. The Gargoyle Code that is.

If you order The Gargoyle Code today you’ll probably get it in time to start reading for Lent.

The Screwtape Letters type book for Catholics has a devilishly clever letter for each day in Lent from Shrove Tuesday through Easter Day.

It’s bound to entertain, challenge and inspire. Go here to order.

  • Lynne

    I finally bought this book (I've been meaning to for a long time). I would have loved to have bought the Kindle version but there isn't one. :-( lolYou should look on Amazon, the price for the book is outrageous! :-)

  • Sonja

    I bought this last year, and shared it with the teens in my house as well as my husband. It is a delightful, thoughtful read. I'm plugging for you, Fr. Longenecker!