It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Church…

If you think it’s health care, but it’s not…it’s the Mandate.

It’s good the Bishops are going to go through Obama’s “accommodation” carefully.

He fooled them once. He’ll try it again.

He should learn, it’s not nice to fool Mother Church…

  • Agnes B Bullock

    But when are the bishops and the USCCB going to learn? All they do is talk and while, when the situation is of their own damn making! Start excommunicating- Pelosi and Sebelius and Carol keenan- then maybe I will believe that they really are bishops, men of God and defenders of the faith, instead of democrats in wolves clothing, destroying Holy MOther Church.

  • Anneg

    The accommodations seem suspiciously like the "personally opposed" excuses the Kennedys and VP Biden have used for years. I pray the USCCB and the individual bishops will be forceful and united and that the laity will follow our vocation to be witnesses for the Lord in the world.