Anybody Home?

I feel like I’ve just stepped across the threshold of my new college room.

There are room mates already settled in, and I wonder if there is some kind of arcane initiation ceremony. Is anybody home?

I’m delighted to join the happy band of pilgrims blogging here at Patheos. For some time I have rubbed shoulders in the blogosphere with the Dark Lord Mark Shea-uman and I’ve known Kathy Schiffer for a long time–we once went to a Chinese restaurant in Ann Arbor with Joseph Pearce. The Crescat I know from visits to Belmont Abbey, and the others I have yet to meet in the flesh.

I want to welcome all my regular readers to my new home. I hope before too long to be zipping around WordPress with no problems, and I want to use this new chapter in the life of Standing on My Head to expand the blog and interact with various other projects I’ve got going.

I’m off to Providence RI again this week. This time to view some stained glass windows in a church in New York which we hope to buy for our new church in South Carolina, then I’m off to Worcester, MA to speak at the men’s conference there on Saturday on “Listen My Son–St Benedict for Fathers”. My companion is the intrepid Sid Tate–a parishioner and friend.

  • The Crescat

    Welcome, welcome!

  • Kathy Schiffer

    Hey, Father, good to see you here! So I didn’t end up living down the street from you in the beautiful earthly city of Greenville SC, but at least we now occupy the same Virtual City of Patheos! I’ll enjoy reading your work.

  • Sue

    I’m here!

    I’ve got the new address in my reader, and ready to go.

    How neat that you may be able to get stained glass from an old church for your new one. My family and I had the pleasure of attending Christmas Eve children’s mass at OLR when we were in Greenville visiting family for Christmas. We were surprised to get there more than twenty minute early only to find that there were already almost no seats left. If you happened to notice a family of six standing in back looking confused… that was us (that was also our first English mass since converting!).

    The pictures of the new church in the back were beautiful, and we look forward to seeing it the next time we visit!

  • Renee Maines

    For those of us who read your blog from Google Reader, it would be great if you could set it up so we could see that whole post on reader. Now I have to click on each post to read it. Thanks.

  • Catholic Gene

    Hi, Father. Since you “moved”, we can’t see the full post in Reader. Unfortunately I don’t have time to visit hundreds of sites every day, so I use Google Reader to read all my favorites. If you could switch the new site to “full feed” I’d greatly appreciate it so I can continue reading your posts every day!

  • Michael

    now you can’t read the whole blog post from a reader

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    You should be able to read the full posts in feeds now

  • doughboy

    will you be going to spencer abbey?