Female Cardinals

Mark Shea has picked up a story about the possibility of female cardinals in the church. I don’t mind this at all, as long as their robes are brown…

  • johnpaul79

    why can i ask father would they have to be brown?

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    the female cardinal pictured illustrates that their plumage is brown

  • http://www.muellerstuff.blogspot.com Ken Mueller

    Do cardinals of the church necessarily have to be ordained?

  • Lois Denneno

    I don’t understand why the church disallows women to be priests. The whole thing about imaging Christ seems to me to mean an undo emphasis on what is between the legs and not between the ears or in the heart in discribing what is most important in the personhood of Christ.

    If we were really all about being Apostolic wouldn’t all priests
    be married Jews?

  • http://lxoa.wordpress.com Shane

    Correct me if I’m wrong but as I understand Roman Cardinals are simply the parish priests of Rome, so I don’t see how this could happen.

  • savvy

    Lois Denneno,

    The question is what is sacramental theology? The sacraments are an encounter with God in this world. They are matter made holy by spirit.

    A woman cannot sacramentally offer the sacrifice of Christ, because the priest’s actions have to correspond with the form of the sacrament and has to be perceptible.

    We are bodily persons. Our bodies are not external to our being. They are not foreign places we occupy.

    The only people who had women priests were gnostics, who held that the created world was an illusion and Jesus was an angel in a sandbag.

    Sacraments are linked to the incarnation or essence of created things.

    God entered our world of time and space and works through it.

  • Jason Fairfield

    I can’t speak from personal knowledge but Mark Shea has remarked that cardinals do not have to be ordained. So technically woman can be cardinals, though I think practically it would be problematic.

    As far as why women can’t be priests, the reasons are many. Peter Kreeft puts them far more well and completely that I could in this space.


  • Jacqueline Y.

    Cardinals do not have to be ordained, which is why theoretically there could be women cardinals one day Please read Mark Shea’s blog post, which Father L. links to above.

  • Jacqueline Y.

    Lois, priests act in the person of Christ, who is the Bridegroom, and the Church is the bride of Christ. Ethnicity and marital status are incidentals in comparison to that. Women and men are fully equal in dignity and worth. That doesn’t mean they are interchangeable.

  • savvy
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