Is it Back to Nuns With Rulers?

Here is my latest article for Crisis Magazine website: Is it Back to Nuns with Rulers?

  • Steve Brown

    Good article, Father. But, I’m sure you have not run this by Todd. He will not like any more authority figures.

  • Julie

    I think that’s my grandpa wearing a habit.

  • Angela Petrash

    I’m 45 years old AAAAAND a convert. I love the new OLD Mass translation! I love returning to a stricter religion and I love the fact that my husband IS the head of the household both financially and spiritually! He doesn’t rule me with an iron fist, but he offers the open hand of love to share in raising our children and then we fold our hands in prayer for guidance from the Lord. I work outside the home but I do not feel the need as a woman to prove that I am a “man.”
    Keep up the great writing, Father!