Jesus a Hermaphrodite?

It’s Lent, so that means it is the silly season for the mainstream media. Any chance they get they’ll come up with some sort of cranky “discovery” about the origins of the Christian faith. Maybe it’s the burial casket of St James or the “discovery” that Jesus survived the crucifixion and became a Hindu swami in Tibet or that he eloped with Mary Magdalene to France to sit on the patio sipping red wine and watching their kids grow up to be Merovingian kings, or maybe it was the “discovery” that the Apostle John was really a girl kind of like Pope Joan they were both cross dressing or perhaps the Ark of the Covenant is really being used as a drinks cupboard in a club in Tangiers….

Here’s the latest: a “scholar” in England who specializes in transgender studies “and other fun stuff” suggests that Jesus was actually hermaphrodite. That is–he was both male and female. Here’s the article.

Before you laugh at such a suggestion–remember that not too long ago it would have been equally laughable to suggest that women could be priests and bishops, that homosexuals would be able to be “married”. It would have been scandalous to suggest that contraception and abortion was acceptable and that divorced Christians could be re married in church.

It all begins with some scholar somewhere making an outrageous suggestion. Before too long the chattering classes are picking it up. More articles are written, then a study group is formed by some Anglican bishop somewhere. This grows into a pressure group and a campaign is started.

To stand things on their head, you can just hear an Anglican theologian saying,

“I  have recently read a most fascinating article by Dr Cornwall–a theologian in Manchester who suggests that Our Lord was actually hermaphrodite. Certainly there were some feminine aspects to his personality. His gentleness towards children and his close identity with his mother, but there are also some other fascinating clues: Notice his regular identification with many women in his life. He understands them in a way most men do not. He sympathizes and understands the woman taken in adultery, the sisters Mary and Martha and the grieving women of Jerusalem. Indeed, perhaps this is what St Paul himself means when he writes in Galatians that “in Christ there is no male or female.” Is this not Scriptural proof of Dr Cornwall’s hypothesis?”

Chortle into your coffee if you like, but it’s not so far off. Just go read some radical feminist theologians and you’ll find that such lunacy is ripe and abundant.

  • kkollwitz

    They always discover that they can't ignore Jesus.

  • Robyn

    This is so ridiculous all you can do is laugh.. It's also sad and disgusting at the same time..

  • Just another mad Catholic

    someone badly needs to have his head examined

  • flyingvic

    Is it Bashing the (Anglican) Bishop Week in South Carolina? If not, why drag a gratuitous episcopal slur into a comment on a fatuous feminist 'theologian'?

  • Fr Longenecker

    Hello Vic, tell me with a straight face that you have not heard Anglican bishops and theologians speaking in just such a way about homosexuality. I have.

  • flyingvic

    For the most part, the annoying thing about CofE bishops is that they seem to be chosen specifically to be good chaps who won't rock the boat. To see several rows of them sitting together, as I once did at a Church Urban Fund service in Coventry Cathedral, is to be given the impression that somewhere a great sausage-making machine has been converted to churn out sleek, pink-cheeked bishops instead. Most depressing – especially since I prefer my sausages to have a little more flavour…

  • Fr Longenecker

    Bishops all look the same because they choose other men to bishops who are like them. It's the same in the RCC

  • Shaughn

    Thanks for the sucker punch, padre. To borrow from the rhetorical style of Cicero, we don't need to get into recall all manner of silly nonsense from various members of the USCCB over the years, which is easy enough to find, and all manner of quaint horror stories about RCC seminary professors, or (heaven forbid!) the occasional glossed over scandal.But what's the goal here, really? Does it lead to more unity? Does it persuade people to your cause? Why do you insist on needling the tradition you left behind? As a fellow priest and pastor, I can tell you that kind of behavior is not healthy. It leads to people in their 40s and 50s still righteously indignant about the mean 'ol nuns, the mean 'ol Baptists, and the squishy and comical mainline. Were such baggage held against an old teacher or beloved, we'd call such childish. But a church? Nobody bats an eye. Let it go, for your own sake.

  • Fr Longenecker

    Shaughn, What unity? The Anglican Church has spat on any idea of Church unity. Repeatedly.

  • Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    Doesn't Deuteronomy include strictures about people with abnormal genitals, along the lines that they are not permitted into the temple?

  • Shaughn

    Father,Your antagonism doesn't help. That was my point.

  • truthfinder2

    You need two more checkboxes; one for "scary" and one for "disgusting", (which this whole idea is). — Rosemary