Amazing Catechists

Here is something what is needed: a regularly updated blog by Catechists for catechists. The authors provide you with book reviews, references, good ideas and imagination sparklers.

I can see the website being used by homeschooling moms, religious education teachers in Catholic schools, CCD catechists, camp counselors, Bible story tellers, preachers, teachers of all stripes.

What a site like this does is tickles your imagination and gives you fresh ways of looking at the Scriptures and the beautiful truths of our faith.

Jump over to Amazing Catechists, book mark it and return often. If you like what you see, spread the news.

  • Pat Gohn

    A few of us Patheos peeps are happy contributors over there. Thanks Father for the sharing this resource!

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Christian LeBlanc is a good buddy of mine and the architect for our new church to boot.

      • Lisa Mladinich

        Hi Father Longenecker!
        Thank you so much for the mention. I figured there must be a Christian LeBlanc connection here. He has often spoken of you with great affection. You also may know a New York friend of mine who currently resides in your neighborhood, Chuck Ruppert. I believe he spoke to you about starting a Men of St. Joseph group. It’s a small world after all! At any rate, keep up the great work and thanks again!
        In Jesus,

      • Christian

        ’tis true we are thick as thieves, and harmless a doves. Or something.