Caption Contest

Captions to the combox…

  • Jim

    My olive and pimento round will defeat Dawkins’ cucumber slug.

  • Richard

    Cassock courageous!

  • Richard

    Holy water guns at 40 paces.

  • Jim

    The Five Buttons on the cuff shows that Captain Longenecker remained loyal to the Welsh Guards

  • Janet Degres

    “Priest Desperate For New Church Funds Goes Too Far”

  • flyingvic

    Reservoir Dog-collars: The Movie

  • flyingvic

    Bruce Willis just couldn’t get the hang of pronouncing absolution without putting his gun down.

  • William H

    Here comes the Men in Black.

  • Jim

    I know what you’re thinking punk. You’re thinking did he have six buttons or only five. And to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a 44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk?”

  • Raymond Suda

    Are you sure your first name isn’t “Harry”??

    • Ron19

      Or your second name?

  • Allison

    On Vocation Sunday, the Pistol Packin’ Padre took a different approach….

  • Ttony

    “OK. We’ll count to ten then turn and fire. I, II, III, IV … “

  • Peter Brown

    Fr. Longenecker was known for preaching a more muscular style of forgiveness.

  • flyingvic

    Father does a screen test for Pulpit Fiction.

  • flyingvic

    Nobody had the heart to tell him he’d misread ‘Biretta’ on the instructions.

    • Christian

      Nice Biretta.

  • flyingvic

    “The congregation will kneel . . . OR ELSE!”

  • Brent

    “Hasta La Vista, Devil!”

  • Julie Culshaw

    I’m meeting up with Lone Star Parson later today.

  • Claire

    Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.

    • Peter Brown

      LOL–great caption!

  • Raymond Suda

    I vote for “Pulpit Fiction” Good job flyingvic!!

  • David N

    Romam locutus. Quis quaestiones?

  • Steve

    Caption: When grown men mug with a gun, children get the impression that guns are toys. [end caption]

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      It was a toy gun.

    • Christian

      That’s right! I grew up with both real guns and toy guns!

  • joe

    Bob Jones meets Fr. Brown Meets the Matrix!

  • David N

    Now repeat after me, “Confiteor …”

  • Ron

    “This is for the next person who leaves Mass early”

  • Ron

    “My name’s Longenecker. Father Longenecker”

  • Jay E.

    Catholics: we got guns

  • Mary N.

    Lol! I’m laughing at Claire’s, “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.” Good one!

  • Christian

    “And then it was Barry Lyndon’s turn to shoot, and….”

  • SteveD

    You’re all gonna sing. Right?

  • mike cliffson

    hold that mirror steady son or Ill kill off the wrong alter ego

  • The Egyptian

    I didn’t know Rick from Pawn Stars was a priest too !!

  • H. Hobbit

    “And this just in: the Medjugorje debate between Father Longenecker and Mark Shea took an unexpected turn today………..”

    • Peter Brown

      Like it!

  • Kris

    Hmm. A bitter, gun clinging, religious person. Have you been to Pennsylvania lately?

  • anton

    Relax…… is just a “Holy Water” gun!

  • terry nelson

    “Give me that Easter Basket Phleger!”

    Get it? Fr. Phleger wanted Easter baskets with squirt guns banned from Walgreens?

  • Matt Ross

    (From out of shot) “Get your bloody finger off the trigger until you’re on target!!! You know how NASA gets when we muzzle-sweep their astronauts!!!”
    *Couldn’t help myself, I instruct people how to use these things…properly*

  • The Ordinary Catholic

    “The New Evangelization”

  • Jim

    Previously unknown photograph confirms Father Corapi’s record in Special Forces.

  • HaroldCrews

    There will NOT be a video this year for the Diocesan Support Appeal!

  • johnpaul79

    hey come back here with my wig!!!

    • doughboy


  • Michael Gray

    Say “For All” one more time!

  • MarylandBill

    No one will but in line for confession!

  • fxr2

    Please Father,
    Finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire! Please point the weapon at a safe target or into the 3 foot safety circle around your feet! I will match you Beretta for Biretta. Please stay safe!


    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      It’s a toy gun.

  • Josemaria

    Fr Longenecker trains for The position of Military Vicar of the Anglican Ordinariate.

  • Jim

    Apparently it’s a toy gun.

  • Gregg the Obscure

    Fake the gun, leave the canoli.

  • Ed

    Shooting holes in heretical arguments with style and grace, while giving no quarter to those who attack the Church.

  • Connie

    See the look on his face? He means bidness!!! ROFL!

  • Kay

    “I can hold my own with Pippa Middleton and her friends any day.”

  • TimK

    It has to be a movie poster:
    Fighting the good fight for 2000 years”

  • Joe Putnam are a coward..