Chust for Nice

The interior of San Marco in Venice.

Go here for a story of how my visit to San Marco helped bring me into the Catholic Church.

  • Christian

    Last time we were there we made a special pilgrimage to see the Anastasis mosaic. Kinda related, a couple of hours ago I had my last Catechism class of the year, and used a handout of mosaics in San Vitale, Ravenna to illustrate this bit of the Mass:

    “Look with favor on these offerings and accept them as once you accepted the gifts of your servant Abel, the sacrifice of Abraham, our father in faith, and the bread and wine offered by your priest Melchizedech.”

    Religious art is indispensable in the catechetical classroom.

  • clearlysalmon

    This is just awe-inspiring! I have to go there sometime. Fitting in praise of our God Almighty.

  • Dr. Eric

    Father Longenecker,

    Have you been to the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica?

    There are 13 different galleries for the Cathedral at the website: