Down into Death

  • PB

    Father, please give the name and artist of this beautiful painting. It is a beautiful meditation and I’d like to see the entire work. I tried to find it but it is not by Mantegna as I had thought. Thanks!

    • PB

      THANKS for the info. I found this in wikipedia: ” The Corpse of Christ is a painting by the Italian Baroque master Annibale Carracci, dating to c. 1583-1585 and housed in the Staatsgalerie of Stuttgart, Germany. The work, dating to Carracci’s early career, is a manifest homage to Andrea Mantegna’s Dead Christ, which he had perhaps seen in the Aldobrandini collection. Christ is portrayed laying in a contorted position, seen from his feet. Differently from Mantegna, Carracci did not paint the mourners at the side, and adopted a more realistic depiction of the body. The artist put the instruments of the Passion.”

      I prefer the Caracci over the Mantegna but they make a great pair for meditation.
      I wish you both a blessed Easter season! Christus Resurrexit, Alleluia!

  • marlon

    This is a painting by Annabale Caracci, who lived in the 1500′s. I think the painting is from the 1580′s.

  • Christian

    My guess is this is after, and influenced by, Mantegna.