Girly Lego Makes Feminists Mad

This report tells us that some feminists are angry at the stereotypes presented in the new girly product from the classic toy Lego. The feminists complain that the girly Lego figures are curvaceous and have cute haircuts.

I don’t get it. What’s wrong with the little girl toy looking like a girl? But then they’re mad because the girlie toys have Lego girls in bakeries, kitchens and doing home making activities.

I’m actually on their side, and have often argued for equality in the workplace. We should have more women rat catchers, septic tank pumpers, meat packers and oil rig workers.

Seriously, I think they should cool off a little. This is a toy company. This is a commercial decision. Toys with girls being garbage truck workers, sewage maintenance engineers, coal miners and slaughterhouse workers I don’t think would sell very well.

But then again, telling feminists to cool off is a big like expecting a volcano to cool off. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The whole feminist movement is run on rage. Take away the rage and you take away the movement.

  • The Egyptian

    The whole feminist movement is run on rage. Take away the rage and you take away the movement.
    And tell them that and watch the rage grow, self propagating rage
    feminist use reason like a fish uses a bicycle, poorly

  • savvy

    I am embarassed that I used to be one at one point. Yes it’s rage and hate of men.

    There are however, the new feminists who support Catholic teaching.

  • Amanda

    Im not sure that is the point. Most Lego sets revolve around explorers/pirates, race car drivers and pilots/astronauts. I think women would be much happier seeing a girl figure in one of those sets! But, I also see nothing wrong with the girly sets- just stick a male figure in and market it for boys. My local baker is male! If things were truly equal there wouldnt be the need for feminists. I am well aware of my physical limitations that would make me ill equipped to work on an oil rig, that’s not to say there aren’t women that could perform the job well. It’s when women are told that they don’t have the option to do the work that makes them angry. Plus look at those sets- overly simplistic. It’s like a step up from duplos- there’s nothing to assemble! I for one, loved playing legos, the more complicated the better. I also enjoy baking and caring for my family. But, it is my choice.

    • Susan

      Yeah, they dontlooknearly as detailed as the other sets, which is a shame.

    • The Ubiquitous

      But there are girl figurines in those other LEGO sets. It’s like complaining that girls wear dresses or pants and boys only wear pants.

  • Susan

    I guess what personally annoys me is the assumption that girls will all want pink LEGO with more domestic settings. I don’t care if they have them, really, as they have lots of sets targeted to different people (pirates, Star Wars, etc). A friend did get annoyed when they automatically started sending her the magazine for the pink LEGO because she has a girl – a girl who is happy with the other sets. So do I care that they are making these sets? Not really, just don’t assume my daughter wants those instead of the other sets. ;-). Incidentally, that goes for everything. People tend to assume she will want princess things, when she’d be happier with cars and trains.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      They’re just giving her the choice. What’s wrong with that?

      • Susan

        Oh, I don’t mind giving the choice! Sorry I wasn’t clear. The annoyance is when the choice isn’t given, and it is instead assumed that a girl will choose pink and princesses over something else, and so don’t give her the choice. Or conversely if they assume a boy will only want trucks. So again, I have no problem with the choice being there, just make sure my kids are truly given the choice instead of assuming what they will choose based on their gender. :-)

        • The Ubiquitous

          Based on your sex, you mean.

          Anyway, if it weren’t going to sell, they wouldn’t make it. Seeing as LEGO has tried this thing before, it has presumably worked in a limited way.

  • Alejandro

    I know many girls who would even be disgusted if the toy was women doing garbage work or driving a truck.

  • Sharon

    The day my 4 yo grandson wanted to play with his 3 yo sister’s Barbie, she grabbed it , whacked him with it, and said “Barbie’s for girls!” He looked at me and said “Nan, next time she wants to play trucks, can I whack her with one?”
    If we’re truly not teaching kids the gender bias, it doesn’t matter who plays with what or who wants to play with what. The important thing is imaginative, cooperative play.

  • salvage

    > The whole feminist movement is run on rage.

    Yeah, when will those gals just accept that they’re not equal and calm down like men! Never see a man rage about anything! Remember the good old days when women were property? Couldn’t vote? Heck they could be practically sold!

    • savvy

      We longer have the same issues as the 60s. This is not longer about equality. Some people just want to eradicate gender altogether. Take the infinite diversity in creation and reduce it to bland sameness.

    • johnpaul79

      salvage, you have issues with saying that the whole feminist movement is run on rage, well you just kind of proved the point by going into a rant about womens voting rights, took a swipe at men,and claimed that women could be practically be sold at one time,,,erm ok without going into the rights and wrongs of the issues you raised. um why bring up all these issues simply because lego made a girly playset for girls???

  • Marilyn

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    Is this the crux of the matter? I think secular feminists feel both jealousy and envy when they see a hot babe successfully and happily performing in the role of wife and mother. Do feminists consider themselves too unattractive to have the things that their more attractive counterpart might have and thus the rage? If so, that’s very sad. I asked my eight-year-old grandson, a Lego enthusiast, what he thought about the feminists being in an uproar over the girly Lego figures. He replied, “What? Well, that’s just stupid that someone would get mad about that! What are feminists?”

    Maybe Lego is on to something. If little girls were encouraged to think baking, mothering, and home making were their proper roles and the men the providers, maybe Western civilization would be saved and Christian values embraced. Kinda reminds me of the Holy Family.

    • barb

      In generations of our family it was the women who went out to work and had the better jobs. Mostly both worked but our females were the go getters. In a culture where both people work, why shouldn’t the females have an equal chance at the good paying jobs, at the fun jobs, and at the interesting jobs? To prepare all children for this, why can’t they have toys that model this? How many of those Christian men actually make enough money to support an entire family without them both working? Why do womyn have to be saddled with the boring, mundane tasks of homemaking? housework sucks! toys should model adventure and stimulating work for all children to aspire to.

      • Danielle

        HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! ‘Why do womyn have to be saddled with the boring, mundane tasks of homemaking? housework sucks!” HA HAH A!!!!! Woman, I say to you, learn to spell. Then, find a woman who likes being a woman and ask her how bored she really is. Just this weekend my to do list included: shoveling dirt for a new garden for strawberries that look AMAZING after 24 hours in good dirt (total payoff there, and there aren’t any berries yet), grading high school science (all the stuff I thought I’d never need to know? I didn’t need to know til I started homeschooling….and that was with a college education), learning about therapy dogs with a second grade boy (I so want a St. Bernard/Newfie mix!) Discussing the misery of feminism and how they are mad all the time at God who dared give them a uterus with adolescent daughter. Having a man who made my favorite soup for dinner while I was leading a scout meeting with first and second graders. Interesting jobs??? What pushing paper and balancing budgets? Could feminist-types even begin to live through my day??? They all look at me and say in wonderment “how do you do all that?” (And they don’t do their own house repairs either. Yep, mundane is replacing a hot water heater. Or ripping out bathroom walls. Or teaching kids how to walk on stilts.) Oh, honey, we are go-getters all right, there just isn’t anything in the feminist buffet I want.

        And they are LEGOS!!! Have Captain Jack bake the cookies if you want. It’s for IMAGINATION! We had santa Yoda commandeering a coach while aliens tried to force him through a spinning wheel of death. (Yeah, and boys think zombies are cool too.)

  • Tzard

    Any of you have girls? Little girls (what these are designed for) like dolls and homemaking and taking care of a family. Even if they don’t have a role model that does it.

    I’m not talking theory or politics, I’m talking facts – from experience.

    My point is it’s not even a case of giving a girl an alternative – this is WHAT THEY WANT, almost universally.

    Only after they grow up more, do tastes change for any number of reasons, healthy or unhealthy. But little girls…. They’re always little girls, regardless of how we want them.

    • Susan

      Yes, I do have. Daughter. Yes, she loves pink and dolls, but also wrestles, and plays with trains and cars. If he wans one of these sets, tht’s fine, but I won’t assume she will want that instead of another set. I didn’t like pink or dolls, but loved LEGO. So yes, some girls will love these sets, and that’s fine, but not all girls will, and that’s also fine. Those who want these can gt them, those who don’t, don’t have to do so.

    • Ella

      So true. I have three each of daughters and sons and they are different for certain. I (a woman) served in the Marine Corps for twenty years and I rolled my eyes at my oldest daughter’s girly c**p at the time but now I just accept, with my younger two, that that is who they are and what they want. My six year old will wrestle on occasion, but unlike my sons, she will cry the moment she gets hurt. She and her younger sister will play with cars and trains every now and again but much prefer playing “mommy”.

      “Sex” is part of who we are on a chromosomal level and immutable for the 99.999% of us who are not true hermaphrodites. “Gender” is whatever we want it to be.

  • Jennifer Fitz

    Goodness, Father. You missed the big LEGO debate among the Catholic ladies some months ago:
    There’s nothing like messing with a perfectly good toy to get all the girls riled up . . . except the brave minority who admitted to liking the things. (Not me. I want my pink and purple blocks, but not from a company who markets to girls under the pretense they’re too dumb or lazy or emotional or something to build their own stuff, and need it pre-made. No can do there. Plus they aren’t making interesting sets anymore.)

  • The Ubiquitous

    Is anyone else tired of “gender” being used in place of “sex”?

    • Jan

      YES!!! Thanks for saying it.

      • Gentillylace

        I think that the main reason people (including me) often use “gender” instead of “sex” is because the word “sex” has come to be a synonym for “sexual intercourse”. Using “gender” is not grammatically correct, but it won’t make sixth-graders (whom I teach catechism) giggle — or adults with sixth-graders’ minds either confused or out of the gutter :-)

  • shadowlands

    Do they have Lego Churches? And Lego Ministers? If so, are they Lego men of God or Lego ladies of God? Can a lady piece of Lego be legally ordained in Legoland????

    Just wondering. ;)

  • akaVarmint

    Whenever this debates starts I always wonder what we really are arguing? Since we have girlie doctors, professional and other “male dominated” career types and also have the “gender bias” toys then the real argument is allowing parents to make the decision. The “modern” feminists don’t like parents having the ability to choose how to raise our own children. They want only their values taught to the young.

    As for my 6 year old daughter – she would love this set. However, the imaginary dinner the doll makes will be shared with her dinosaurs and dragons in her room.

  • Ryan

    Hmmm. Snark, yes? Such a feminine way of sticking it to the Man. As you wish to contradict Fr. Longenecker’s point, and as you also apparently wish to be a more manly woman, I suggest you adopt a less indirect style of polemics. Have the courage to assert your opinion without hiding behind that rhetorical mask of ridiculous hyperbole.

  • Barb

    Why do feminist girls have to be rat catchers, truck drivers, and garbage people? Why not pirates, lawyers, engineers, soldiers and explorers? How about captains of sailing vessels or architects overseeing big building construction projects?
    My gripe with the minifigures is that they are not stable. They do not stand well, they don’t have connectors that allow them to sit without falling over, and the usual accessories do not fit on them.

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  • Donna

    >My point is it’s not even a case of giving a girl an alternative – this is WHAT THEY WANT, almost >universally.
    One thing I remember from my own childhood is that if you are a girl who doesn’t want to do what the other girls are doing you will be bullied relentlessly by said other girls until you cave. I’d guess that a significant minority might not want pinkness and domesticity, but also don’t want to be the ‘weirdo’ who doesn’t fit in. ( In my own case I pretty much gave up on fitting in by second grade, and stuck to adult company as much as possible. )

  • KarenElissa

    It sounds like there are two different arguments going on; Lego shouldn’t make “girly” play sets that have womanly shaped figures and have them doing stereotypical “girl” things and Lego should make girl figures to go with the other sets so there are girls portrayed as astronauts, pirates, soldiers etc.

    The first is what the feminists in the article seem to be arguing and I think that one is silly. The figures are not “hypersexualized”, they just have a female shape and cute hair, but don’t look immodest. I also don’t see anything wrong with the girly sets having a bakery or beauty shop. Lego wouldn’t be selling these if girls weren’t interested in them.

    The second argument I can somewhat get behind. I do agree that there should be girl pieces in the pirate and city and astronaut sets, but many of them already do. Part of the problem is it is really hard to tell the difference between the girls and boys with the traditional mini-figures. The girls have redder lips and often have long hair, but if they are wearing hats, no one has hair, and sometimes have more girly clothes, but this doesn’t really work for people in uniforms. But I did find girls in the ambulance set, the bank set, the marina set, and even the garbage collector set. Maybe they could do a little better, but I don’t think it is near as bad as many people seem to think.