Possible New Alter Ego

I’m thinking of a new alter ego called Sister Rose Marie of the Little Flower of Jesus. She would be a Poor Clare nun who moved to Mississippi in the 1950′s and kept a shotgun under her bed to scare off the Ku Klux Klan. She is pictured here…

Shall I go for it, or is it best left alone?

Opinions in the comment box…

UPDATE: Or maybe it will just be a column on…What Makes Sister Mary Elephant Angry…

  • http://simpleme1970.blogspot.com/ Robyn

    Oh PLEASE go for it.. LOL.. I think she would be VERY interesting!

  • Rachel

    As if we would EVER say no to a new alter ego. I love her already.

  • Lynda

    Leave her in peace, I say!!

  • http://www.scenesfromaslowmovingtrain.blogspot.com annie

    The possibilities are endless. Go for it.

  • mike cliffson

    Go for it!

  • http://www.saintrichardyouthchoir.com Carleigh

    I would be curious as to how much you know about Mississippi before I weighed in on that one. This is kind of a bizarre place to be Catholic at times.
    Lifelong Mississippian, ex-Episcopalian, Happy Catholic since 1994,

  • Raymond Suda

    Laughing at oneself is a sign of a healthy mind. GO SISTER!!

  • Josee

    She’ll be EWTNs Mother Angelica’ s mentor, since that’s what Mother and her sisters endured here in Alabama, sans guns I believe.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Actually, I was told that at one point Mother Angelica did keep a shotgun under her bed.

  • Bruce

    Pray about it. As southerners go, I enjoyed the story you told of the mysterious woman who urged you to spend time with Saint Bernadette.

  • http://fireoftheirlove.blogspot.co.uk/ shadowlands

    I like her. I wish I lived next door to her. She would look out for you. She’d tell you off as well but she would stick up for you.

  • rebecca

    right now I would love for her to take on the dissident priests in Seattle. I am very saddened by the situation since I have family that agree with them. These priests just affirm them in their sin.

  • Patti Day

    Oh, yes please do!

  • Maggie White

    Aw, she just looks stern – I bet she has a heart of gold!

  • Cheryl

    My 12 year old son says “go for it!” I agree with him; it should make some interesting reading!

  • http://prodigalnomore.wordpress.com The Ubiquitous

    Go for it!

  • The Egyptian

    Oh heck why not FR. you have the greatest imagination I have ever heard of. Just promise not to let the good Reverend languish, his trials with his loving but exasperated wife are a treasure, slowly bring him home, please

  • LucyGertrudeMae

    please no, its all been done before, Dame Edna and all that. Its kind of like dressing in drag, sorry Father, we don’t need more caricatures of nuns out there , the world is rife with them.

  • Rosemary

    What the Egyptian said!

  • http://sewardfolly.blogspot.com/ Heide

    Absolutely, Father. I think she should hold a ruler in her hand, too. :-)

    • The Egyptian

      no no no one of those yard long wooden pointers with the rubber tip, damn those things hurt, The Sisters of the Precious Blood were ruthless

  • Quanah

    Please go for it!

  • BHG

    Go for it, and while you are at it, we need a Sister Mary Cash, a community organizer who came south with a liberal non-habited, social justice order–just as a foil. Maybe the two could work together….

    • The Egyptian

      love it, Sister Cash, friend of the “Reverend Dutoronomus Scaggs” of the left winged church of the righteous truth, Revelation Hill, South Carolina

      “don’t make me holler. don’t make me shout, turn them pockets inside out, pull out that green, that long green lettuce of salvation.