The Combox

Since my move to Patheos I’ve picked up quite a few new readers. For those who are new here are a few guidelines I observe for the combox:

  1. The combox is open. For the most part anyone can come here and say what they want.
  2. In saying that, if someone is consistently rude, abusive, vulgar, blasphemous or considers it their hobby to constantly attack me personally I’ll probably pull the plug. I don’t mind if you hit back, but constant abuse I don’t need.
  3. The constant troll like abuse is like breaking wind in public. It’s rude, it smells, its unsociable, and it doesn’t reflect well on your manners.
  4. This is a comment box. It’s not your blog. It’s my blog. Therefore comments should be short and to the point. If your comment is too long I may delete it.
  5. If you want to make a longer comment–do so on your own blog and add a link in my combox.
  6. This is not a forum for endless discussion. If you want to join a religious online forum you’re welcome to. This is not it.

  • shadowlands

    As you know Father, I’m no scholar, but I can still recognise freedom within restrictions. And even within your rules, one can still enter into free speech here.

    Not like certain other priest’s blogs, who have now started telling you where to start listening and where to stop.

    In other words, the message I receive from that certain priest’s blog is, “you either agree with me or you get lost” I reckon, he only needs visitors for emphasis these days, whereas you are an engager. You allow criticism!!! How real and courageous, is that? Real and courageous, actually.

    I love you Father D. More and more, each day.

    Anyway, what would I know……..