The Growing Rage

Read here about how England is fast becoming a police state, and the violence faced by peaceful pro life demonstrators.

  • Mrs. Donna E. Crist

    Fr. Longenecker, I respectfully thank you for your courage & love for sharing the truth. I agree whole heartily with all you’ve said. I wish I could express so clearly & eloquently as you do. This present administration is just breaking my heart and makes me sick to my stomach. I love our country and its history. But most of all our Catholic faith which too many take for granted. As our Father Benedict Groeschel here in NY of the Franciscans of the Renewal, had warned us back in the 90′s. It will eventually would come to pass that there will be no gray area so to speak. We would all have to choose which side we’re on. We’re either going to be with God or against God”. The line has been drawn and I believe we’ve entered those times. We so need Jesus in the Eucharist daily to fill us with His light and to be strong courageous Catholics. There’s no $ in this world to pay me to vote for Pres. Obama. I didn’t the 1st. Time and not this time. Mitt’s not much better either. But as we say up here unfortunetly “I have to vote for the lessor of 2 evils” This gives me a knot in my stomach. But I try to keep remembering in the end God will bring out the good even in the worst of situations. Thank you and God Bless you. Donna Crist, St. John the Evangelist Parish, Mahopac, NY

  • Paul

    It is indeed sad to see the decline and ruin that is England these days. For a once great Christian nation to be reduced to such an immoral wasteland is a tragedy. Sadly, this could easily be the future for the U.S. as well – we’re certainly headed in that direction. As Catholics, we used to pray the Rosary for the conversion of Russia – I would suggest that all faithful Catholics start praying the Rosary daily for the conversion of Our Lady’s Dowry, and the end of abortion.