Major Marian Post

Romanesque Madonna

Make sure your drop by the blog tomorrow for a major apologetics post on the Blessed Virgin for Mary’s Month–The History of the dogma of Mary’s perpetual virginity–why it matters and how to explain it to Protestants.

  • shadowlands

    I am advising all priests and religious and lay people who run Christian/Catholic blogs on the new Patheos blogger that adverts appear that are far from Christian. I have been advised to do this by another priest.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Patheos is not an exclusively Christian website. Writing for Patheos is akin to writing for a secular magazine which takes advertising. Most of us who write for Patheos have disclaimers posted that we do not choose or necessarily approve of the advertising which is featured. The advertisers do not pay us directly, nor do we promote their products.

  • Charles E. Mac Kay

    Doesn’t this tell us about the power of Saint Joseph