Comment Box Rules

I operate an open comment box on this blog. New commenters will need to be approved and then they are welcome to say what they want. I don’t mind if they use the blog as their own soapbox. I don’t mind if they question or criticize the Catholic church. I don’t mind if they question or criticize me. The only comments I delete are those that descend into repeated name calling, personal attacks, blasphemy, profanity and sheer ugliness. The simple rule applies: behave here as you would if you visited my home.

  • Matthew the Wayfarer

    Good to know. Thanks!

  • mike cliffson

    Mi casa es su casa
    Or, as the Brit song and adage has it:
    “For your friends are my friends
    And my friends are your friends
    You can’t put your muck in our dustbin
    (our dustbin’s full)”

    ie: there are limits – fair enough, your blog, your call.


    Could not agree more . May it be added that you will be offered the same respect & courtesy as if you were in my home too .
    Pax et bonum .
    From Our Lady`s land of the Southern cross .

  • Howard

    My comments on your recent post “Can we be good without God?” fell well within the acceptable parameters, but somehow disappeared shortly after being posted. One, for example, gave two examples of ways we probably cannot be “good” without divine assistance: loving our enemies, as explored in the Japanese novel FREEZING POINT, and “giving away an onion”, as described in THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV. No name calling, personal attacks, blasphemy, profanity or sheer ugliness, but they’re gone all the same.

  • Joe

    Not that I’ve never expressed a strong opinion in the combox myself…but it appears that patheos has provided you with an expanded, and sometimes ravenous, readership!

  • Edge

    Like Howard, I too have had a total of three of my comments disappear from two of your posts (two from “Comix as Propaganda”, and one from “Be not afraid”). To quote Howard – “No name calling, personal attacks, blasphemy, profanity or sheer ugliness, but they’re gone all the same.” All three said after I posted the comments – “waiting to be moderated” or something to that effect and then a few hours later, poof, they were gone. I wonder if there is something within Pathos that is deleting my comments, or if someone else reviews them for you, or if you saw and deleted them? I enjoy your writing, and continue to look forward to your next topic. However, it would be nice to know why they were removed, if that is possible. God Bless and keep up the great writing.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      I don’t remember deleting the comments, but sometimes if the comments are very long I delete them. This is, after all, a comment box, and not separate blog.

      • Edge

        Thank you Father, they may have been a little bit long. :)

        I will try to keep the comments shorter in the future, and thank you for giving us a place to discuss. God Bless!!

  • Faith

    I was thinking that the national insurance could be like public education. Everyone has to pay for public education, but if you don’t want it, pay more and go to a private school. Likewise, everyone has to have public insurance, if you don’t want it, pay the tax/get your own insurance. There’s Catholic Health insurance–they run Catholic hospitals—Caritas and Stewart. It won’t be that simple, but it’s an idea.
    Then there’s the problem of my taxes supporting abortion, etc. There’s no solution to that problem because taxes support wars that are unjust, and other policies that religion’s consciences would object to.
    What does the Catholic Church do in England, in regards to National Insurance paying for the morally objectional?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      In England the Catholic Church does not fuss about it because, as you have indicated, it is all wrapped up in tax. Catholics pay for abortion through their National Insurance contribution and they can’t opt out any more than we can opt out of paying taxes that might pay for capital punishment or an unjust war.

  • Rosemary from WA. state

    I’m just wondering how you feel about the individual’s mandate to contribute to free abortions, contraception, sterilization, etc. That part of it I really object to.