Affirming All Things

Here is my latest for Catholic Online–on how to deal positively with the challenges you face with non-Catholic family and friends.

  • Malvenu

    Father, when being patient while talking to non-Catholic friends and family about the faith, at what point would you suggest one introduces the idea that, as you say in this article, “deep down [the Protestant] has a belief that Protestantism can’t possibly be true”?
    On a slightly more serious note, at what point in your journey to Catholicism did you recognise this in yourself?
    I ask both these questions because I am sure that many Protestants would disagree with this statement. Of course, I am now able to say to such friends, “There’s a former-Protestant Catholic priest who says… what do you think?’

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      I was raised in a pretty conservative branch of Evangelicalism so the idea that Catholicism really can’t be true was fairly obvious early on. However with more open minded and ‘liberal’ Protestants the conviction is still deeply rooted even if is expressed in softer language like “Catholics are nice people, but deeply mistaken.” or “I know a lot of nice Catholics, but they have sadly been deluded by their religion.”

      • Malvenu

        Thank you for your reply, Father, but your post says that Protestants don’t believe Protestantism can be true NOT Catholicism. Is it a typo in the original article? (I thought it was at first, but recognised in myself dissatisfactions i had with what i had been taught about Christianity as a Protestant long before i ever thought about the Catholic Church, so i thought, perhaps, you were referring to those sort of doubts and suggesting that as a Protestant one either blanks them out, rejects Christianity or becomes a Catholic)

        • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

          Its a typo and has correction has been submitted to the editor.

  • John Cronin

    Fr Dwight frankly strikes me as er, a bit unbalalanced. It is, for example rather telling to see that on the top of his web page his portrait is rather larger than that of Jesus, Mary and the various saints. Clearly a serious case of narcissitic self love going on there.

    • Bernard Burlew

      What a stupid comment, unless of course you are jokeing around.

    • Malvenu

      @ John Cronin. Your comment puts me in mind of the scene in an episode of Father Ted where Father Ted is trying to explain to Father Dougal that the real cow over yonder in a field is not the same size as the small plastic cow he is holding but is in fact, “far away”. Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing!
      Personally, I’ve thought for a while that Father Dwight’s pose on his picture looks a bit like Bobby Ball, pulling on his braces and saying to Tommy Cannon, “Are yer startin’?” ;-) (Sorry, Father.)