Chust for Nice

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The relics of St Mary Magdalene were enshrined here in the Middle Ages. The Basilica at Vezelay in central France is one of the most glorious examples of French Romanesque architecture.

  • Arnold

    I visited it back in the early 1980s and was blown over by its beauty. The Romanesque part represents the pinnacle of that style and it meets the new Gothic style at the apse, also of the highest quality. The carvings at the portal are very beautifully rendered. The church is now in the hands of the Communities of Jerusalem and their chants and music are hauntingly beautiful. I highly recommend checking them out on YouTube at the improbably named Monks and Mermaids (a Benedictine blog) where excerpts from their liturgies at Vezelay, St. Gervais in Paris and Mont St. Michel are featured. Also, I believe, their church in Montreal.

  • Deacon Ed Peitler

    Been there many, many times. Actually stayed one time with the Franciscan sisters right off the parvis. Other times stayed with the Jerusalem community. My favorite Romanesque (nave) /Gothic (choir) church in all of France. Most beautiful are the carvings of the capitals on the pillars along the nave. This was also the starting point for a walking pilgrimage to Compostella Spain about 6 years ago.

  • Jim

    Does Ed Blanch know that Mary Magdalene was in France?