Get Serious!

The cover of this book has a picture of the Titanic sinking and the sub title–A Survival Guide for Serious Catholics. Just right. Too many Catholics in America are re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic when they should be planning their spiritual survival.

The author–Fr James Farfaglia– is one of those passionate, gung ho, happy warrior priests. He used to be in the Legionaries of Christ and traveled the world working with them. Then the Spirit led him to Texas where he has founded and built up a couple of parishes. He blogs, writes books, smokes cigars, likes the Three Stooges, plays basketball, swims and likes movies. My kind of guy.

He starts out by telling how he got started in life, and how, in his freshman year of college a mentor took him and a room mate aside and suggested they get up off their tails and get serious about life. It was the kick start he needed. He began physical training, spiritual training and intellectual training–drinking deep of all that life had to give.

The book progresses in a very practical way. Fr James encourages you to get serious, and he starts with teaching you how to pray. A long chapter on how to examine your conscience and make a good confession follows. There’s a wise, moving and profound chapter on sexual sins, chapters on the Mass, how to enjoy life and how to stay sane in an insane world follow. The good thing about this book is that it is short, punchy and easy to read.

Fr Jim weaves together practical advice on the Catholic life with solid theological insights, great personal illustrations and inspiring stories of the lives of the saints. You’ll get up from reading this book feeling that you’ve had a great breath of fresh air and just finished a decent work out.

Anyone can benefit from this book, but it is especially good for Catholic men. I’m going to get some extra copies to hand out to men in my parish. I recommend you do the same. Get the book directly from Fr Jim: Go here There’s a special offer–the book is now only $10.00.

  • Contra

    I’m not sure I can agree with the sinking Titanic analogy. After all, Peter’s Barque is guaranteed not to sink. I know that individually many of us have lost faith and are sinking under the waves like Peter (although we may or may not realize that we need Jesus to pull us out) but the analogy seems to imply sinking as a whole.