Faith Works

A lot of Catholic content is available from orthodox sources. The web is alive with apologetics, comment, theology, liturgy and Biblical studies. There is plenty of stuff on current events, controversial issues and church gossip, but I’ve found there is very little on practical Christian living.

I’m talking about practical advice on prayer, how to bring up children, how to get the most out of worship, learning to forgive, and practical spirituality for ordinary people. Therefore, I thought I might add a section to this blog and write about these topics more frequently. However, the blog is already a pretty busy place with theology, comment, alter egos, personal stuff and a busy combox.

So what about this? My new e-newsletter. Called FaithWorks it will have articles on practical Catholicism. I’ll write regularly, but there will be other well known contributors pitching in too. If you would like to contribute an article you can it in for publication. If people want to draw attention to an event or a new publication there will be space available.

I’m working now on the proto-type and first edition. The plan is for a weekly publication. If you sign up it will come straight to you as an email. There will be no charge, but there might be some low level ads to help cover costs.

Here’s the sign up form:

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  • Frank O

    Great idea!! I love listening to this sort of practical wisdom, Judaism sets a great example for this, though Catholic I love listening to the downloadable lectures at I have often wished there was a Catholic equivalent of that website.

  • Barbara

    This really is an excellent idea. I have read and still occasionally read a number of very good blogs by women who are raising children in the faith, but they rarely seem to get into the nuts and bolts of maintaining a household of faith. For some, it must come naturally, but I was raised in a secular household: no prayers, ever, very occasional church attendance. I didn’t have the slightest idea about how to foster a child’s notion of God. Fortunately, we had some wonderful sisters teaching at our children’s primary school, and I picked up some pointers from them, but still.

  • Erin Franco

    I love this idea! I actually met you and your kids very briefly while I was a camp counselor at Kahdalea a few years ago. I taught horseback riding to your daughter. :) These days I’m a young wife and mother of two–and a fellow blogger. I am very interested in practical spirituality, and I write about it frequently on my own blog (I may even submit a post every once in a while). I am interested in learning how to live out my faith deeply within my vocation, right in the middle of sweeping up cheerios, breaking up altercations over who gets the pink sippy cup, and staying up late doing laundry to make sure we all have clean socks for the next day. I have been blessed a lot by the writings of St. Josemaria Escriva on sanctifying the ordinary work of our vocation. Looking forward to FaithWorks!

  • Amy H.

    Love this idea! Would you mind if I made a suggestion for an article? As a recent revert, I would love practical advice on leading my teenage Protestant children into the Catholic Church.