Old Monk on the Snares of the Enemy

I saw all of the snares of the enemy laid out before me and I groaned and said, “With what weapon can I overcome?”

Then a voice within me answered, “Humility.”

  • Rachel

    Oooh, I like that.

    I heard a well-known Protestant preacher interviewed the other day. He was asked what steps he takes to avoid the temptations that cause some very famous pastors to fall. He replied that if he travels without his wife, he always has a male secretary with him. He doesn’t room alone on the road. The church finances are all reviewed by his board of elders. His email is not private. His life’s an open book. I think all that’s awesome and I admire him for taking seriously the possibility of being tempted to do things he never thought he’d give in to. But I also thought, “You can’t keep the devil away just by taking these external steps. If he can’t entice you with sex or money, he’ll attack from another angle– maybe pride.”

  • Dad Of Eight

    “Humility, that low, sweet root,
    From which all heavenly virtues shoot”
    - Thomas More