San Lorenzo Interior

High Altar, San Lorenzo, Rome

Can I have a baldachino like that please? This is the church in Rome where the relics of Saint Lawrence are venerated. For more pictures check out this slide show. San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura was built by Constantine on the site of the martyrdom of St Lawrence. The tomb of St Lawrence is still there. The relics of St Stephen–his fellow deacon martyr are also there. Pope Pius IX is also buried beneath the high altar.

  • wineinthewater

    I *love* that church. It is such a hodge-podge (being built almost entirely of “salvaged materials”) and it breaks so many rules of good design and proportion, yet it has this integrity and harmony to it.

  • meriadoc

    San Lorenzo is one of the most interesting churches in Rome, in a city with plenty of churches worth visiting. It was originally two churches that were very close together and oriented in opposite directions. One was dedicated to St. Lawrence, the other to the Virgin Mary. The apses of both were demolished and the two buildings joined by the 13th century. That is evident in the interior, where one can see two different floor levels corresponding to the two churches.
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