That Priest in a Cassock at Chick-Fil-A pic…

Padre dined at Chick-Fil-A this afternoon in full cassock as promised. A few local Baptist eyebrows were raised.


  • Magister Christianus

    In Westfield, IN, the drive thru line was around the building. Parking spilled into mall parking. Lines out both doors, one of which wrapped around building. Everyone had smiles on their faces, wi lots of friendly banter. Phones were snapping pics all over the place, and I did see one Catholic priest among the ranks.

  • Fr. Daniel Trout

    Bravo, Father. My wife and I also fared today here in Florida. I can’t speak for every location across the country, but I know that our local branch has been absolutely mobbed all day.
    However, according to…
    -Rahm Emanuel I support values that are “un-American” (or, at least, un-Chicagoan”)
    -The mayor of D.C. I have eaten “hate chicken”
    -Roseanne Barr I deserve to develop cancer
    Well, if today is any indication of our integrity, perhaps if all we bigots can support each other in a restaurant, then maybe we can likewise in a hospital or in prison.

  • Constance

    This is great, Father! We need a lot more priest out and about in their cassocks to begin with and eating at Chick-fil-A in support of free speech is a great opportunity.

  • Mark Ferris

    I am so pathetic that I actually searched for a ‘Like’ button for Fr Trout’s comment.

    • Eugenia

      You and me both, Mark. ;) (Raising fists at Facebook!)

  • Andy

    Dwight makes a stand against homosexuality, by showing off his commitment to sloth and gluttony.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      The meal on the tray was for me, my wife and nineteen year old son. You should get facts before you embarrass yourself in public with inane comments.

  • mike cliffson

    Attaboy FR!
    BTW : waffle fries ? waffle fries? akin to a deepfried Mars bar?
    Sound to me that they’d be something good for your alter egos but bad for your choresterol levels.

    • AnneG

      FYI, waffle fries are potatoes, cross cut on a mandoline. They have little holes, hence waffled. Not as bar as deep fried Mars bars, but fried potatoes aren’t great for you. Rather sandwiches are good, though.m

      • mike cliffson


  • annie

    Hi Fr. L. You are headlining my Face book page at the moment. Love all the love and support around the country for CFA.

  • Andy

    Dwight, even if you only ate one item on that tray, that cossack won’t be any less tight. But glad you and your army of Christians can rush to the worst of American gluttony. You’d never see the same excitement for, say, a soup kitchen.

    • Christina

      LOL Andy! You do realize you’re talking to a CATHOLIC PRIEST about CHARITY, right? **headdesk**

      • jo

        darn those tight-fitting Cossacks! They just don’t drape properly, do they Padre? LOL

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      It’s ‘cassock’. A ‘cosssack’ is a kind of Russian soldier.

    • Will

      Yes, because Christians never operate Soup Kitchens. The mind boggles.

  • Agnikan

    Serious question here. The Family Research Council, which has received money from the WinShape Foundation (a charity set up by Chick-Fil-A), supports the attempt to make homosexual behavior illegal ( ). Should Christians support the illegalization of homosexual behavior?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      is ‘illelegalization’ a word?

      • Agnikan

        “Illelegalization” is not, but “illegalize” certainly is.

    • wineinthewater

      Agnikan, That link does not say that the FRC advocates making homosexual behavior illegal. I don’t know if the FRC promotes that in general, but the pamphlet you link doesn’t.

  • Ben

    Andy, we Christians just enjoy reveling in the glories of God’s creation!

  • Andy

    Quite aware. Number of times I’ve seen a Catholic priest volunteer at my local soup kitchen:0. Number of times I’ve seen one at the local homeless teen shelter: once, and only to protest our condom policy. Because providing food and shelter to those with least is not as important as a little rubber.

    • Christina

      Your statistics are neither scholarly or on topic.

    • Eugenia

      Those who count the acts of charity of others usually lack charitable acts themselves.

    • mike cliffson

      Andy :
      USA I dunno EXACTLY what you’d see. In nearly 60 yrs of life as a Catholic, Ive known a dash of priests on two continents, and three bishops, and one of my complaints about a great many is that they spend TOO MUCH time directly hands on in charity work, frquently in mufti and anonymously.There’s us laeity for that. This is true of those who I have often been sore tempted to wish a rapid departure to and whose doctrinal orthodoxy I am less than sure of. I know some who risk their lives weekly, Ive met others who I know do so daily, I knew one who I am almost sure was murdered being out and about…
      Don’t you think you could find a better way to try to justify one of the routes to an experience of hell and disease and dysfuntional society in this life alone?
      Meet more priests!

    • TomInClaremont

      “Andy the Troll,” I feel sorry for your Mother. You must be a real disappointment to her. You should go up the basement stairs and give her a big hug.

      I love the photo, it was fun and funny. This is how you win.

    • C Brett Bode

      Our priests regularly carry boxes of food from the St Vincent de Paul Food Pantry out to the cars of the “shoppers”………

      But, seriously, the vocation of the Priesthood is to equip us (the laity) to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and visit the imprisoned by calling and equiping us to be Christ like. His is a Petrine role of leadership in matters of the faith and the execution of the Churches function to inform and develope the conscience of those who belong to Christ………ours is a Marien role, submission and obedience to a conscience properly ordered toward God and His will in imitation of our Lord Jesus.

  • Greg

    One word: AWESOME.

    Also, please don’t let the comments from Andy get to you. Just a hater who is obviously a tad insecure to see a fun, intelligent, and fully orthodox priest. Keep up your great work, padre!

  • Andy

    Good point. Next time I’ll make a very scholarly, relevant post like this:

    “LOL Andy! You do realize you’re talking to a CATHOLIC PRIEST about CHARITY, right? **headdesk**”

    • Christina

      Only a grade-A troll could turn a post like this into a debate about the efficacy of Catholic charity work. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

  • Brave Catholic

    This is awesome! Maybe the Pope can allow Chick-Fil-A for Lent this next go around.

  • Tom Reddick

    I must say that I am all in favor of feeding the good Father and anyone else who wants to eat the great blesssings God has granted our nation. Obviously the good Fr. has incited the tolerance crowd to show their true rainbow colors of hatred through the simple act of eating a delicous meal with his family and then blogging about it. Although I am new to this blog, I must applaud Fr. both for the exercise in demonstrrated truth, and for the ease with which he made his demonstration. The pro-sin crowd simply cannot stand to see anyone happy and free in any way, and the trolls posting above to Father’s blog serve as a great remnder of this truth. I bow to the master.

  • Grace

    Bravo, Father!
    (Andy = anti-Catholic hater on a Catholic blog = troll)

  • veritas

    Grow up! Get your facts right.
    For every one soup kitchen run by atheists, there are thousands of hospitals, hospices for the dying, schools for the deaf and blind, and other ministries for the sick, disabled, poor and dying, run by Catholics and other Christians.

  • Jonty

    Animal welfare obviously not a great concern for anyone then.

  • Sal

    Nice photo, Father.
    Fr. Z. has a pic of nuns in full habit with Chik-Fil-A bags.
    Couldn’t go yesterday, but I think I’ll get some ‘discriminatory’ cheesecake today.

  • Jeanne G.

    We were at Chick-fil-A last night and saw a priest in regular clerics. Not a cassock, but you could tell he was a priest (we recognized him, so we knew anyway). My husband was checking his smartphone and saw the picture of habited nuns with Chick-fil-A bags. That was a tasty meal, BTW, even though they ran out of lettuce just before we were served.

  • Darren Cooney

    Hey, “Andy”, how long do you think it will be before people start to realize you liberals will never-and I mean NEVER-engage in any substantive debate over this or any other issue? How long before they realize all you guys have to defend your positions are a bag full of rhetorical dirty tricks with essentially no logical system or substance behind them? Twisting people’s words, attacking them ad hominem, feigning personal ignorance, appealing to popular ignorance, simply wholly ignoring the major points of the opposing arguments, and your favorite move-skipping from one thing to the next as randomly and quickly as possible to make counter-argument too tedious and cumbersome (this also helps avoiding replying to all the things you have no answer for!), etc, etc, ad nauseum. We’ve all seen all this garbage so, SOOOOOO many times before! It’s never a debate with you guys, because you’ve got nothing to stand on there. Proving the truth of your position is never your goal. Shutting up all opposing voices is the only goal there ever is, and that to be done by whatever means necessary. This is what political correctness is all about. It’s never anything but hit-and-run, guerilla tactic trash. And you’ve displayed it here in textbook fashion. How much longer before you think people will wake up to the fact that you guys are all talk and no walk when it comes to intellectual substance? Well, let me clue you in….it’s starting already!

  • pam

    I would love to ask Andy or any of the trolls about this hypocrisy. Mayor Menino of Boston would love to keep Chick-fil-A out of Boston if he could (at first he thought Boston was a totalitarian city and he had that power until he was informed that it is not yet totalitarian) yet he has no problem handing out municipal licenses to groups whose leaders think gays should be put to death. He was happy to give 1.8 million dollars worth of land to the Islamic Society of Boston where Imam Qaradawi is wondering whether gays should be burned or thrown off a cliff. Meanwhile the head of Chick-fil-A holds the same view on marriage as Obama did until this year. I don’t get it maybe you can explain.

  • Fr. Jay Finelli

    Awesome Father! If we had one up here I would have done the same. God bless Chick-fil-a!

  • Ad Orientem

    Sadly, some of us were not able to join in the fun. Yesterday was first a Wednesday and secondly the first day of the Dormition Fast. So no Chick Fil A until after the Feast. But it’s on my to-do list.

  • SteveD

    A CBS crew is filmed on Youtube packing up to leave a CFA branch without covering the events with the excuse that , ‘We thought it was a protest’. So – they would have been quite happy to film and (presumably) report lots of indignant and angry homosexualists demanding their ‘rights’ but would not report on hundreds of people queuing to show their support of free speech. So you have censorship and overt attacks on free speech operating together in the US but now people actually know that it is going on and can retaliate. Congratulations from the UK to everyone who ate a CFA meal, keep doing it.

  • Darren Cooney

    Pam it’s not “hypocrisy”. You need to actually have first prinicples to be a hypocrite. Liberals don’t have any. They live on relativism and Sorelian pragmatism. But what you spelled out is what political correctness is all about. Its intellectual heritage goes back to neo-Marxist Herbert Marcuse’s essay ‘Repressive Tolerance’. Basically, he produced a doctrine of Critical Theory that says if equal tolerance is shown to all positions and opinions (this is what he called “repressive tolerance”), the old political, social, and religious order will never be destroyed, therefore tolerance is to be shown to anything and everything opposed to tradition (what he called “liberating tolerance”), with no tolerance whatsover shown to traditional views. In fact, they are to be the subject of constant and devastating criticism (hence, Critical Theory) of whatever kind one can brew up.

    As far as expecting Andy to “explain” anything-forget it. Liberal heretics don’t honestly debate anything. See, traditonalists don’t understand that what we’re talking about here is not simply a different set of ideas and views, but a wholly different way these are arrived at. Radically different. Liberals are disciples of constructivist and pragmatic philosophy. You may think there is such a thing as objective truth, but they don’t. You may believe the truth is something a person discovers, uncovers, deduces, or has revealed to them. They don’t. To them “truth” is simply something you create yourself, to suit your own ends and aims. This pragmatism-this doctrine that a thing is “true” if it is useful to you-obviously produces “truths” that are not subject to debate. That’s why they don’t ever honestly debate anything. To them, honest, logical debate is a silly and antiquated tool used to establish competing versions of a thing they don’t even believe in-objective truth. In their minds, it’s simply you vs. them and shutting you up however they can is all that matters. Never forget, either, that they fully believe you are the same way, that you are creating your own truth too, so if you oppose “gay inclusion” it can’t possibly be for any other reason than that you hate gay people. You wouldn’t choose it to be “true” that Christian doctrine opposes homosexuality otherwise. All there is, is you vs. them in a battle of will and pure rhetoric-there is nothing to debate. Nothing at all in their minds. As a result, all they ever want is you silenced as quickly as possible, so they have a whole arsenal of rhetorical weapons they use to achieve this. Even if this means defending their positions with one argument now and another completely contradictory to it later, they will do it. That’s all OK. Anything that works to squelch opposing voices is fair play. That’s all that matters.

  • SF

    Ironic that a bigot is protesting same sex marigae..oh wait, I mean “freedom of speach” in a black dress.

  • Darren Cooney

    “Ironic that a bigot is protesting same sex marigae..oh wait, I mean “freedom of speach” in a black dress.”

    Q.E.D. As always, criticize, swipe, and snipe, preferably regarding some tangential and irrelevant matter, then get out of the way as fast as possible. They LOVE tangents! Tangential “arguments” let them take shots without having to open even a tiny window for counter-criticism of their central position. Note that this statement, as always, does not even attempt to prove or bolster the idea that Fr. Longenecker is a “bigot”. No, their positions are invariably presented as self-evident and beyond any need of proof or argument to establish. Anything to turn things away from the real issue and duck any real debate. This also goes hand in hand with the faux anger they love to always display. Unless one thinks it sensible to be outraged over not being granted a “right” no one else ever has been before. The city hall won’t defend my “right” to have my wealthier neighbors pay my property taxes. So what if this has never been done before? It’s an outrage! “Bigots”! “Haters”! Empty rhetorical flourish, even if irrelevant and puerile, might be forgivable, except this is all you ever get from them. There is never anything else to be found, any where, any time. This is as deep and intelligent as it gets. Thankfully, they don’t seem to grasp that you can only get so much steam out of this stuff, and that over the long run, if you don’t start to defend and deal substantively with things, people will eventually grow disinterested and stop listening. This purely rhetorical approach is just intellectual blitzkrieg. It comes on fast and heavy, but will soon enough wane away. It works well to quickly win some initial battles but it can’t win the war.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      I think ‘intellectual’ may be an overstatement.

  • Blasier, Ralph

    I like chicken, but I also like gays.
    (Also straights, bisexuals, lesbians, animals, plants, attorneys, trains, boats, etc.)

  • Darren Cooney

    “I think ‘intellectual’ may be an overstatement.”

    True enough! :) I just wish conservatives would wake up to the fact that every time you try and debate the issues with liberals, it’s waste of time at best and counterproductive at worst. You can’t directly debate the issues with them. You need to just relentlessly and constantly point out their underhanded, dirty rhetorical trickery, and make it clearly seen that this is all they’ve got. If you’re playing a game with someone who is cheating left and right, you can’t possibly beat them by just letting it go every time and instead staying within the rules and trying to play harder yourself. But this is precisely what conservatives always let themselves get suckered into doing. Liberals ahve made an art of this. Well it’s time we end this and instead concentrate all our efforts on exposing their deceits. Liberals won’t engage in honest debate. They fear it. They’ll do anything to avoid it. In that arena, we will wipe the floor with them and they know it. That’s all people need to be made to see and it’ll soon be ‘game over’.

  • Ryan Drenna

    I know you won’t print this but I thought you all looked like a South Park episode finally come to life. You could have helped the poor or tended to the sick that day, as Christ actually commands, but instead you opted for a shot at Type 2 diabetes.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      I publish all comments that are not intentionally rude, profane or blasphemous.

      So why do you judge me? In fact that day, as most days, I also visited the sick, went to visit those in prison and helped organize our parish food pantry for the poor. I also regularly attempt one of the spiritual acts of mercy which is to teach the ignorant.

  • Jessica Hoff

    Dies liberal intolerance now run so deep that they want to tell folks where to eat as well as what to eat?