Catholicism Pure and Simple

Some years ago I was asked to write a simple explanation of the Catholic faith for the Catholic Truth Society in England. Eventually I put it all together into a single volume and it was published as Christianity Pure and Simple. When the rights returned to me last year I decided to re-write, tighten it up, polish and re-publish.

The aim of the book is to present the Catholic faith in a simple way–beginning with arguments for the existence of God and going through the story of redemption, the experience of Jesus Christ and his work for us, then go on to prayer, sacraments and how to be a dynamic member of the church. This book is an excellent resource for RCIA and confirmation classes. It makes a good refresher course for cradle Catholics and a good first introduction to the faith from the ground up.

I took C.S.Lewis’ advice on evangelism and avoided long words, long sentences and complicated phraseology. I cut out the ecclesiastical and doctrinal jargon, avoided liturgical references, high brow references and anything that would make the book a difficult or confusing read. Go here to learn more.

Oh, by the way, it’s also available as an e-book! Go here to download from Amazon.