New Media New Ideas

Watch out for some new stuff coming up this Fall. In October my weekly half hour radio show More Christianity will premier on Catholic radio in South Carolina and across some of the stations nationwide with Ave Maria Radio.

I’ll also be starting a weekly e-newsletter called FaithWorks–this will be a short, punchy piece of writing each week on practical Catholicism–how to live better, pray better, love your family better, and how to be an all around more faithful Catholic.

My website will undergo a facelift and I’ll be re-publishing several of my books in new editions: Adventures in Orthodoxy will be published as The Quest for the Creed by Crossroads; Christianity Pure & Simple will  come out in a new edition called Catholicism Pure& Simple and I’ll be be bringing out a new edition of Mary-A Catholic Evangelical Debate. Also in the pipeline is a new book–the long awaited sequel to Adventures in Orthodoxy called The Romance of Religion.

What else am I working on? I should have Slubgrip Instructs–the sequel to The Gargoyle Code ready for Lent, and I’m cooking up a little fiction book called Finding Faith–with an Rooster Cogburn type priest as the hero.

Stay tuned!

  • Amy Giglio

    Boy, Father. It’s too bad you don’t have anything to do. Seriously, though, I just want to thank God for Mrs. Longenecker, who must be the best, most patient lady, ever placed on the planet. When we pray for you, we all ought to pray for her as well. God bless you, Mrs. L.!

  • Bob Kraus

    Catholic radio in South Carolina?! Is this just upstate or can I listen here in Myrtle Beach? God bless

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      upstate and low country

  • Bernard

    Tell me Father, do you ever sleep?

  • Paul Rodden

    Hi Father.

    I have led a couple of small groups doing “slow reads” of Christianity Pure and Simple and Adventures in Orthodoxy. May I ask if they’re new editions (re-writes/additional chapters) or reprints with different titles with only minor changes (like More Christianity)?

    The reason I ask is that I still have about a dozen copies of each, but the source has dried up (at Sophia, and shipping them to the UK cost me around £100 (not USD!)), and CTS don’t publish the 5 or so little booklets serialise CP&S any more either, as I’d love to continue using them as CP&S is great for beginners, and AIO, for deeper study…
    Any feedback useful. Thanks.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      For the most part they are re prints with different titles. I have used the opportunity to tighten up the arguments here and there and polish the text a little. You can get copies directly from me or they will be available through

      • Paul Rodden

        Thank you. That’s very helpful. It means that if anyone gets the new editions, they’ll be compatible enough with the old for the level we discuss things at…

  • Sid

    Catholic Radio in South Carolina for the low country is broadcast on AM 730 out of Charleston. If you have difficulty in receiving this broadcast, you can listen to it via the website or dedicated apps. Go to

  • Sue in Japan

    Father, will your radio program be available on podcast by any chance – for those of us over the pond?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      We’re working on it.

  • http://none Pnkn Moonshine

    I still want to know when the Lady fo the Mantilla is getting married. The engagement has gone on for far too long if their intentions are sincere.