Los Angeles Tapestries

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The tapestries of All Saints are the best thing about the new cathedral in LA

  • Larry

    Or the only good thing about that hideous building….

  • http://blog.hallenius.org Ken

    I like them, though there is a bit of an odd thing about the depiction of St. Andre Bessette. We have photos of him. We know what he looked like. But the Andre on this tapestry (unlike Bl. Teresa of Calcutta or Bl. John XXIII) looks nothing at all like the real Andre. Why, of all artistic decisions one could make, did the artist choose to not have the image correspond to the truth?

  • Matt R

    Father, they are the only good thing about the cathedral…

  • Pax et Bonum

    Gregory Peck’s tomb downstairs is cool, too. But that is it.

  • Connie Rivera

    I disagree and LOVE the Cathedral. When I view it from outside or within I imagine how it will appear 500 years from now and I think it will fit perfectly in what I imagine a futuristic landscape will be. It brings to mind a fortress – “a large fortified structure for the purpose of refuge” – I am proud and moved when I visit there…everytime.

  • Veronica

    Yes, those tapestries are seriously awesome. About the only nice thing in the entire cathedral.

    • Ceile De

      LA is my cathedral. I like it overall but there are several not so minor problems on which I’d be interested in your take:
      1 All side chapels face away from not toward nave.
      2 No holy water fonts by entry way, only by baptistry at back, which is awkward to reach when cathedral is crowded.
      3 Blessed Sacrament chapel is not in noble or prominent place but hidden away through a small unannounced side door from a side passage way.
      4 We only have a crucifix on the altar because major lay benefactor threatened not to fund if there wasn’t one, as per original plans.
      5 in courtyard in front of entrance, there is a shema of the stars in the concrete so that, as more than one person has told me, we trample the heavens each time we enter.
      6 the statue of Mary over the door has no veil – historically and iconographically incorrect. I never knew it was supposed to be Mary until someone told me.
      It’s almost as if there were plans for these peripherals to be quietly, slowly, phased out.

  • Matthew the Wayfarer

    Save the tapestry (and Gregory Peck’s Tomb) Destroy the building!

  • Sharon W

    I was just thinking about these tapestries the other day after the phrase, “so great a cloud of witnesses” came to my mind. I love them. I’m not a modern architect fan, but I have been blessed each time I have gone to Mass at the Cathedral.

  • Ceile De

    PS I also heard the cathedral described as ‘wait, isn’t that the box the cathedral was delivered in?’!
    I think the problem is with hiring an architect who desn’t himself believe.