Old Monk on Condemning Others

You cannot condemn others until you know everything about them. Since you will never know everything about them you can never condemn them.

  • tioedong

    Don’t condemn others? How convenient. Lets you be a patsie for every sociopath to get away with their activity. It ignores that sometimes people chose to do evil even though they know they are evil and can harm others.

    Or does he mean: don’t assume you understand why he did that..which is altogether different

    As Spock once pointed out to Capt Kirk: I understand (why they did this) but it doesn’t mean I agree with it.

    • u

      You’re thinking with the mind of a secularist, the monk is thinking from the mind of God. You are completely missing the point of the quote.

  • http://lesfemmes-thetruth.blogspot.com Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Did the old monk say anything about condemning immoral behavior? Only God knows the state of a person’s soul, but we can all see the very real damage of a person’s immoral behavior. As a mother and grandmother I am particularly appalled at the immoral behavior that scandalizes our children and damages them physically, mentally, and spiritually. A lot of that goes on through immoral programs in schools and immoral video games, TV, and films. I pray every day for the protection of my grandchildren from the scandal that is endemic to our culture.

  • FW Ken

    My day job is working with criminals. I demand adherence to their rules, test their urine, refer to appropriate services, and monitor progress, and lock them up when I have to. Some very very twisted souls cross my path. One today just made my skin crawl.

    When I forget who I am, and that Christ died for them as much as for me – in fact, that there is infinitely less difference between me and them than between me and God – then I fail.