Talk to Me

Time for some feedback please.

I have been blogging now for six years. Six years! During that time my blog has grown to be consistently rated as one of the top Catholic blogs. I never thought it would take of as it has.

About six months ago I moved over to my new home at Patheos. I still have mixed emotions about the move. I’m glad to have the interchange with other bloggers and to be part of a larger forum. However, I miss my own blog with it’s cool layout and the ability to add more of my own stuff.

Here’s where I need your feedback: the new media continues to morph and grow and expand. In addition to this blog I am now writing regularly for Catholic Online and Integrated Catholic Life websites as well as other outlets. I’ve started a weekly radio show and a weekly e-newsletter. I am also still trying to write books to get the word out there.

I would like to hear from you. What do you like about the blog? What do you dislike? Do you receive and read the weekly newsletter? Would you like me to put my homilies up as podcasts the way I used to? Would you listen to the radio show if it was available as a podcast? Would you take time to watch short YouTube videos if I made them?

Let me know how you use the new media so I can adapt and fit the ever changing audience demands.

Thanks for taking time to help out in this way!

  • Andrew

    I just read the blog. It is good. Keep it up. I like the comedy.

  • terry nelson

    I just read the blog too and I like it very much. I enjoy your wit and humor and your insights into the faith. I also miss your old blog. I’ve seen you on EWTN a while ago and I like the way you speak – but I just don’t listen to podcasts or the radio much at all. I’m not really anyone’s ‘target’ market though.

  • Matt R

    I love it Padre! Keep it up!

  • vox borealis

    I like your blog a lot, though I am starting to miss a few of the old alternate personalities. Where’s Dwayne Mandible during the election season?

    As for the move to Patheos, I have to be honest: I follow the same couple of blogs on Patheos that I did before they moved here. I don’t look at any of the other Patheos blogs except the occasional glance at one of the catholic writers. Frankly, I’m not clear what the advantage is for som many bloggers to be under the same roof. Do people actually use the portal?

    • I AGREE!!!!

      And I know this is going to make me sound awful but I’m saying it anyway – there are some in the Catholic Portal who really shouldn’t be there…(Father L excepted, of course) JMHO. I thought it was geared toward more intellectual leanings.

      • I AGREE!!!!

        I forgot to add – Mantilla the Hon is my favorite!

  • Fred Otto

    I like the blog, it is very good. I like the alter-egos like Todd Unctious. I would definitely listen to podcasts, since I also listen to Father Robert Baron, Fr. High Thwaites and various rabbis. Mp3 podcasts are great since one does not have to be tied to the pc.

  • Cordelia

    Oh, dear. You have lots of other readers who read *everything* so perhaps it’s okay if I say – I’m just here for the characters… Caitlin is my favourite.

  • Paul H

    Hi Father,

    I love the blog, and I also enjoyed hearing you speak at a men’s conference in Nashville a couple of years ago. I haven’t checked out your radio show or any other projects of yours. I will say that I liked your blog better (and read it more often) before the move to Patheos, because of the better layout, and because it felt like it was *your* blog. Now it feels like I am on, and oh look, Patheos just happens to have some articles by Fr. Longenecker. But I also recognize that you reach a larger audience on Patheos, which is great. And I think you also get paid a small amount, which surely helps a bit since you have a family to take care of. So I’ll keep reading as long as you keep blogging.

  • bill petro

    I am not real big on the Patheos thing. While my “favorites” links me directly to you, I sometimes wander over to Patheos. It is then I remember why not to go there – I am not really interested in, how to say it?, crappy theology. Love what you do. Read it daily. Funny, biting, witty, and true to Church teaching.

    • Gayle

      Ditto. (you need ‘like’ buttons because I would agree with several of these comments)

  • Diane

    LOVE everything you have to say, but I only read you on Patheos.

  • Amy

    I love your blog, Father; it has helped me in innumerable ways towards (and since) my reversion home to the Catholic Church. I would love to see you do both your radio broadcasts and sermons as podcasts, since that would allow your audience to listen as schedules permit. Quite frankly, I love all the work you put out, and would listen to you or read your writings in any format you make them available, as long as you don’t neglect you family time.

  • David


    I really enjoy your posts, particularly your discussions on faith and reason (I’m a scientist and a secular Carmelite) and what it means to be spiritual. Of the 100+ blogs I follow in my RSS reader, I can confidently say that I save links to your posts in my delicious account more frequently than any other single author. As far as podcasts and radio goes, those are the things that I always say “I should listen to that” but never do. I guess I prefer reading. Keep up the great work.

  • Lisa

    So far I have greatly enjoyed your blog and your newsletter. They both offer lots of wisdom and practical ways to increase our faith. I certainly would listen to your homilies and any other podcasts. I love radio as well. Perhaps you will have your own app to make it nice and easy. In any case, thanks for all you do. You are a blessing.

  • Catholic Bibliophagist

    I’ll read your blog wherever it’s posted. I tend not to browse around Patheos, but just to read the bloggers that I was already reading before they moved here. But I’m fine with your move if it brings you more readers.

    I love your guest bloggers. My favorites are The Vicar, Mantilla, and Caitlin. (But I always skip Todd Unctuous because he’s too realistic to be enjoyable.) I am reading your newsletter and find it both helpful and enjoyable.

    I tend not to listen to any podcasts because I’m too impatient to listen to content. Reading is so much faster. But that’s just me.


  • Raymond

    For me smaller and closer to the people is always better(same holds true for government). I personally liked you better when you had your own site and weren’t involved with Patheos. Not that you personally aren’t just as good as when you were on your own, but just being part of the larger group seems to dininish some of your individuality. Just my humble opinion and afterall, you did ask. Thanks, Father, for all you do!!

  • FW Ken

    After a decade or so of ignoring Catholic bloggers (not sure why), i’m poking around and Fr. L. , you are a daily read.

    I agree about Patheos. Get Religion took a real hit to the software comment capabilities and i’m not sure of the advantage. Its nice to have Catholic bloggers readily accessible, but i’m not sure a blog roll isn’t just as good.

    If Patheos is a good business model for bloggers, that’s understandable.

  • Jane

    I don’t like the Patheos portal–not sure what purpose it really serves you and it is hard to read on my phone. Your blog remains a go-to for me, but it has changed. I think you may be spreading yourself too thin. You are at your best in the characters and they have all but dropped out. And, Father, I dislike saying it, but your blog entries are sharper than they used to be–no less true, but somehow too often less kind. I do like getting your newsletter and I do read the rest of what you write. As for podcasts, I listened to them often but not really regularly; though I must say I miss being able to go to them from time to time. And last but not least, ran into one of your parishioners at St. Meinrad a few weeks ago and she was singing you praises, so it seems that you are balancing your time well and not neglecting those nearest you. God bless and thanks for all you do. Keep it up in whatever form works best for you!

  • The Weavers

    We regularly follow your blog. The only one we read on a consistent basis. We learn a lot from it. Liked the old blog site better, but this site has offered a couple of other blog gems that we have mined a couple of times. We would love to be able to hear your homilies by podcast. We would probably tune into your radio show if we could and we would definitely watch your YouTube stuff. You do a great job feeding your sheep and we feel blessed to have your leadership in our lives.

  • KarenElissa

    I too really like your blog. I’m especially fond of Caitlin O’Rourke! I will say that I read it less and less since the move to Patheos (this is you, it goes for all the blogs that have moved here). I can’t stand the Patheos interface, especially the fact that I only get snippets in my RSS feed. I generally want to read straight through my feeds without having to click and go somewhere else and while I will sometimes save an especially interesting article to read later, I often don’t get around to it.

    As for podcasts and videos, I’m a reader, so I’m not particularly interested in things I have to watch/listen too. I’m perfectly happy just reading articles.

  • Gordon


    I enjoy the blog tremendously and followed it over. I really do not see the advantage of Pathos over your own site, however, the inner workings of creating and maintaining a blog are beyond me. I have heard you speak on EWTN and I would enjoy to be able to download the podcasts, as I currently do with Fr Barron. God bless you and all that will do.

  • Jamie

    I love your blog-I’ve read it for years! You always give me something to think about. I also enjoy your newslsetter. I would definitely listen to your radio show/homily podcasts if you offered them.

  • Jim

    Thankyou for the blog. It is a valuable part of your ministry. You are teaching all nations.
    I enjoy the fact that you have an insight into things British.
    I enjoy the ‘altar egos’ and am glad that you take the extra time to write these.
    I have received a couple of your emails but haven’t read them. Yet.
    I listen to podcasts, didn’t know that you made them and have now subscribed.
    The whole Pantheos thing leaves me cold but if it makes posting easier then crack on.
    God bless
    Audite Insulae

  • JennE

    One of the things I am learning about youtube is I can embed things into minipresentations. Would be interesting what you come up with but with that media there is a whole difference in captivity. I am happy that you are doing a newsletter as I have less time to look around at the blogs and like to keep up on the things I have a fancy to. You are a regular read of mine. Educative and entertaining. You help things stick and my mind think and my heart focus back on what matters. If you stop doing that I will stop reading

  • Joanne

    I read your blog regularily and particularily enjoy your posts on faith, church history, and your lively alto-egos. I’m not fond of the spars with the groups of “extreme” thought… sort of cheapens your blog, giving it a “reality” show feel. I would listen to pod-casts and watch You-tube videos occasionally, but your blog would be my mainstay.

    I *really* miss your old blog home. It felt much like going to the bakery for my loaf of bread instead of having to navigate through Walmart for it here at Patheos.

  • Thomas

    Hi Father,

    I just read your blog, I don’t listen to the podcasts or subscriber to your newsletter. I don’t do the newsletter because I don’t like extra stuff in my email inbox.

    I read your blog before you went to Patheos, and I liked it better there, but I do understand that this might have been a better choice for you. I like you characters, especially Mantilla and the Vicar, as well as your own posts on Catholic teaching.

  • carol

    Love your blog. I learn so much and always check it daily. Do not always read your newsletters. Preferred the setup of your own blog but whatever works for you. Yours is the only blog I read on Patheos. Would probably listen to podcasts occasionally. I really prefer to read. May god bless the wonderful work you do .

  • Angela

    I read your blog regularly and your newsletter, I think I found you through having read one of your books possibly ‘Mere Christianity’ was the first one I bought. I like your style of writing and think your experience of living in England gives you a different perspective from most American blogs (I am an English Catholic) Not sure if I’d listen to podcasts or watch videos but I think you are doing a good job, thought provoking without hectoring about sums up how I see you.

  • Jennifer Fitz

    I still read the blog, but not as often as I did before Patheos, because I only get a snippet in Reader, and having to click on each post dramatically decreases the likelihood I’ll read. (That’s something you can control, not Patheos-specific.) Subscribed to the newsletter, like it, skim it when it comes. I find that e-mail is not my sit-n-read location, but I’m grateful for the kick-n-pants in my inbox all the same.

    I’m not the listening-type at this point in my life, so I defer to other readers on the podcast question.

    I would be grateful if you’d post links from here to your other online writing, because I don’t subscribe to those places, but would like the option of clicking through now and again. (Perhaps you are already doing this, and I’m missing it since I don’t read all your posts anymore.)

    I insist you need to write more fiction (for print – novels / short stories / collections) and I will not shut up about this, so every time you ask what you should be writing, this is what I am going to tell you. Fiction. Fiction fiction fiction. Write, publish, repeat.

    Keep up the good work! You are very appreciated!

  • Mark Millward

    Father, I have to say I was a big fan of and reader of your previous blog. This one not so much. Every time I see you in my favourites list or click on the link I ponder – why less, why now?

    Partly it’s that as a direct result of your blog and others, I’ve found others to read such as The Catholic Thing and Edward Feser’s blog so I have more to read and no more time than I had back in the day.

    However it’s also because I loved the layout of your previous blog with its rich colour and tapestry of iconography. Your present blog on Patheos pales by comparison, arguably looks tame. Also preferred to have all the article to scroll through as I find it encourages reading. Don’t spread yourself too thinly. Don’t avoid new opportunities. I’m sure that with God’s grace you will continue to find the right balance in your evangelisation. God bless!


  • Veronica

    Hi Father! To be completely honest, I don’t like Patheos much at all. I love your blog, but I don’t listen to the podcasts or subscribe to your newsletter, I really don’t have the time to do so. I’m really annoyed at the new Patheos layout where you have to click on each one of the postings in order to read them in full, frankly, it sucks BIG time.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, Padre!

  • R. B.

    I do not like the blog as much since the move. Frankly this format annoys me. I much preferred your old blog. Indeed it was yours! This blog seems to require a great deal of compromise in format. I would love it if you went back to your blog and added podcasts. I enjoy your newsletter emails. I feel less inclined to contribute as I have done in the past with this blog. All the adds are irritating. Who makes the income on the advertising? Ditch Pathos!