Sacramentalized but not Evangelized

Catholics of the older generation were put through a “Catholic assembly line” where they were sacramentalized but not evangelized. For the church to be renewed this has got to change. Go here for my latest article for Catholic Online.

  • Tracy

    I’m the midst of reading Sherry Weddell’s book, Intentional Discipleship. When our diocesan staff is asking as many priests, DRE’s, etc. to please read it. I am so relieved to finally hear from the Church what I have been thinking for the last ten years as a convert–that most American Catholics are in need of a personal relationship with Christ and not just learning the ropes. I have met some real saints in my parish and I have met some people who are there to make grandma happy. Most are sincere and committed regardless, but there is something definitely lacking in many. You and Sherry (of the St. Catherine of Siena Institute) have hit it on the head. Her book then explains the process of evangelization within a person, something I had not known before and something that relives me and gives me much hope. I highly recommend the book to all Catholics who teach within the Church. And, Father, keep going! Your book, More Christianity, is a favorite of mine and one I hope to encourage others who are still curious about the God they’ve been worshipping all their lives to read. I’m hoping to get your newest book soon and see what the difference is between the two. I like having plenty of tools in my box! God bless.

  • vox borealis

    The result is a population of Catholics who think their religion is a matter of going through the actions, keeping the rules and regulations and the most important thing is not missing Mass on Sunday.

    This is the typical Catholic you meet in the US? 75% of Catholics in the US don’t bother to attend Mass on Sundays, and even more (depending on the poll) simply ignore fairly important teachings of the faith and feel not one ounce of guilt about it. Very few go to confession; increasing numbers don’t bother with sacramental marriage or with baptizing their kids. Sacramentalized but not Evangelized may not be ideal, but’s much preferable to my experience with Catholics in the US and Canada: they are neither Evaneglized nor Sacramentalized nor Catechized.

  • Christian

    Ditto Sherry’s book.

  • Christian

    I posted a bit on page 94 of her book here: