The New Evangelization – Stick ‘Em Up – 1

OK folks. Here’s the deal. Once a year I make an appeal for donations. In the past, before I came over to Patheos I could assure you that there were no ads on my blog. No longer. I apologize for the ads, but the ads allow the Patheos folks to pay me a little something each month. I also know from your comments that the format where you have to click through is annoying. I’m working on it, and if you listen to my plans you’ll see why I’m asking for donations.

Here’s what’s up. Over this last year I have not only moved the blog to Patheos, but I’ve embarked on other enterprises. The new media (as it’s called) offers lots and lots of opportunities to spread the good news. So, over the last year I’ve re-published one of my books that had gone out of print, but I did so myself with the new way of publishing which I’ll tell you about in another ‘Stick ‘em Up’ post later this week.

I’ve also started a weekly half hour radio show called More Christianity. It starts being broadcast this month. I’ve also started to communicate with Facebook and I tweet every day. I’ve also started a weekly free e-newsletter called FaithWorks! which is on the practical practice of the Catholic faith. I’m writing regularly for Integrated Catholic Life and contributing a weekly homily to Catholic Online for the Year of Faith.

In addition to this another of my books is about to be re-published through Crossroads publishers and a totally new book called The Romance of Religion is in the pipeline. I’m also working on a sequel to the Gargoyle Code for Lent and plan to put the Gargoyle Code out as an audio book. I’m also planning to expand the Vicar’s adventures into short story form and publish them as little e-books.

The problem is, I need a new website to handle all this. The new website will be what you want to bookmark. It will be ad free. It will include “tasters” which link back to my blog. Eventually the radio show will be available through the website as a podcast and my homilies will be there as podcasts too. There will be links to the latest edition of the newsletter as it comes out and a growing collection of my archived articles. There will also be a store to purchase books, e-books and audio material. However, inter active websites like this aren’t free. I need your help to expand my ministry.

Furthermore, with the expansion of the new media more and more material is demanded by more and more people and fewer and fewer of them want to pay for it. I used to get paid for writing articles. There are fewer outlets both online and in print who are able to pay their writers. The radio show? I have to find my own funding to produce the show and make it available. The newsletter? It costs money for me to send it out to the subscribers. Can’t I just take it from our parish budget? I’m the pastor of the poorest and smallest parish in Greenville. We don’t have money for this “extra” evangelism apostolate.

Therefore, for just this one occasion for a couple of weeks just once a year I’m asking you to make your donations.

Please just hit the “Donate” button in the right sidebar and pitch in. The more you do, the more I will be able to offer not just the blog for free, but also the radio show, the newsletter, the podcasts and all the other material we need to get out there.

Do you wonder how you can be involved in the New Evangelization? Help make it posssible for me to continue and expand my work.

Many thanks!