Stick ‘Em Up

Once a year I have a campaign for donations. This will start next week. This year, however it is different because I am at Patheos. In the past I have always tooted the horn that I need your donations because the blog does not have ads. Now I’m at Patheos you’re pestered with ads. I’m sorry about that. I don’t like them either. However, the ads help to pay me a little each month to continue blogging.

So I thought about not having a Stick ‘em Up Campaign this year. I’m going to do so anyway. Here’s why: over the last year, in addition to the blog I have started a radio show and a free weekly newsletter. Nobody pays me to do the radio show. In fact, I have to pay to help get it out there. Nobody pays me to do the free newsletter. I have to pay to get it out there. To continue this ministry I also have to have an updated website with increased interactive features. I’m doing all this because people tell me I have a gift for communication and I should get on and use it for the Lord’s service in the New Evangelization.

So starting on Monday I’m going to ask you all to hit the ‘Donate’ button and help out. All the fund donated will go to help launch the new website, radio show and pay for the weekly newsletter. I hope you’ll  be able to help!