Stick ‘em Up Book Offer

We’re going into the second week of this here Stick ‘em Up Campaign folks, and padre tells me that some of you are pitching in, but too many of you are slinking out the back door without paying. That’s kinda like pretending you’re going to the john when you’re at the saloon but slipping out the back door without paying for your drink.

Well, lookee here. I know the blog is free and all, but when you get yourself off to the church meeting and they pass the plate do you just pass it along without making a donation? Well, mebbee you do and mebbee you don’t. But I know if mebbe you don’t then mebbee you ought to change your ways!

But the good padre has come up with a generous offer. It works like this. He’s offering $5 bucks off any book. You just go over to his book browser page and have a look at his good books. Click through and check the price, then go back to the blog and hit the ‘Donate’ button in the right sidebar. Then make the donation for $5.00 less than the price he has listed on his book page. Don’t forget to put in the comment box that you are taking advantage of the Stick ‘em Up Book Offer and tell padre which book or books you want. Remember to fill in the address and he’ll send them to you pronto. If you want him to autograph the books he’ll do that too. Just put it all in the comment box.

This offer is only good for this week, so if you want to buy some books for Christmas presents or you just want to help padre and want some return for your donation, then use the special book offer and let’s git that grand total for this year’s Stick ‘em Up campaign up where it oughter be.

  • Rachel Gohlman

    I would donate but i’m out of work right now. Please pray for me.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      OK. Thanks for reading the blog! Prayers right now for you.

  • Matt

    Hello Fr… I just started reading your blog recently, and have found it interesting so far. While I am not umployed like the previous poster, things are tight. I will check out your books.

    I had a question about something I saw in the comments the other day (I think), about non-Catholic Christians being brothers if baptized in the name of the Trinity. Has the ideology of Extra ecclesiam nulla salus has been changed?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      No. It has always been wrong to interpret this phrase in a too confined manner. It depends how you define ‘church’. The Catechism teaches that those who are separated brothers and sisters through no fault of their own are also members of the church, but not in full communion.

  • Matt

    How is the no fault of their own defined? If someone has never been a part of the RC church and is converted through an evangical church, would they be considered a brother?

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      yes, if they were baptized in the trinitarian formula and had faith in Christ