Stick ‘em Up – Day 4

Now lookee here y’all! I am just not getting the response from you that the good ole padre needs! Why it’s like trying to squeeze water out of a rock!

Don’t ye know he needs your donations to help with his work. He’s starting this radio show and a newsletter. He blogs every day and the whole thing is growing….the whole thing except the money part of it that it. I don’t mind telling you. It might not cost you nuthin’ to read, but it costs the padre something to produce all this stuff. Why his poor ole typing fingers are nearly worn down to the bone and his head is plum near empty with all the thinking he’s doing!

Let me remind you of just a few facts and figures. Let’s say you visit this blog every day which a lot of people do. Well now, let’s say you make a contribution of $50.00. That’s only 14 cents a day! Not even one thin dime and a nickel! If you made a contribution of $75.00 it’s only about two thin dimes. Why you can’t even get a drink of Root Beer for that!

Let’s come at it by another angle. Maybe you’re too much of an old tightwad to make an outright donation. Well, I understand that. I don’t like to give up my hard earned too easy neither. So why don’t you get yourself over to padre’s website and buy a couple of books then? Go on, do some Christmas shopping and buy a load of his books. They’re pretty good books too. Go over here and check ‘em out!

The way you make a donation is by clicking on the little ‘Donate’ button in the right sidebar just underneath Padre’s picture.

I know what yer thinkin’. You’re thinkin’ that somebody else can do it. You’re thinking that you’re not a real serious reader you just like to come by here and snoop around. Well, stop tellin’ yourself that. It ain’t true and padre’s got the statistics to prove it. This here blog is real popular and there’s plenty of you who visit time and again, and padre’s always happy to have you pay a visit, but me? I think you ought to pay something.

So come on y’all. Get yer wallets out and get on over there to the ‘Donate’ box afore I have to load up this here six shooter and start firing!