Stick ‘Em Up – Day 5

Here we go now folks! I’m reminding y’all that this is the week of the annual Stick ‘em Up Campaign.

The good padre sits down and grinds out this material for you day by day and who do you think buys his computer? Well, who do you think pays for him to send out his newsletter and pays for him to do his radio show?

I’ll tell you. Ain’t nobody pays for it but him. Now it sure is true that now he writes for Patheos they pay him a little every month, and he’s told me that helps. He’s was able to have a hot dog with his beans one day last week because of that! Why I even saw him sipping a little glass of hooch one night, but that’s just the home brew the missus makes from old potato peelin’s.

So here’s what I want you to do. If you like reading this blog then stop being such a tightwad and get over the right sidebar and make a donation, and make it hefty. Why a donation of $50.00 a year ain’t even 20 cents a day. Ain’t you got some inspiration or entertainment or education over the last year that’s worth a decent donation?

Well, I understand, everything out here on this here internet seems to be free of charge, and everybody expects it to be free, but funny thing is, they ain’t providing the radio show for free and they ain’t providing the newsletter mailing for free and there’s lots of other expenses too with publishing books and so forth.

Speakin’ of which. If you don’t want to make a donation, why not get over to the good padre’s book page and buy some of his books? I specially like that one called The Gargoyle Code. It had me laughin’ til I was cryin’. Made lots of good points did the old padre. It’s about this here devil see and he’s tempting an old man and telling another devil how to do the devil’s business. So why don’t you buy one of those books, or maybe buy a couple and give them for Christmas. The padre will even sign ‘em for you if you ask him real nice in that comment box where you buy the book.

So come on now. Do your duty. Dig deep and help out the padre some.