Stick ‘em Up – Day 8

Well, some of you folks have been real generous and I’ve been talking to to padre over a glass of hooch. He says the campaign is going pretty well so far, but there’s still a ways to go. Let me jes remind you of something. Let’s say you made a donation of $50.00 for one year. That’s only about thirteen cents a day. Even if you only read the blog on weekdays it still works out to less than twenty cents a day, why shucks, what can you buy for two thin dimes? Not much. So come one and make a donation that would make your grandmother proud of you.

Padre says all the cash that comes in he’s going to be using to help promote his work. He needs to pay for the radio show, publishing books and getting them out there and then there’s his new newsletter that comes out every week. Y’all can sign up for that for free. Lots of people already have and they’re likin’ what they read. Just head over to the right sidebar for the sign up form.

Now don’t forget that Padre’s also making a special offer on his books this week. If you want to save some money and buy some books to help him out just mosey on over here and check out how to take him up on his offer.

This campaign ain’t goin’ on much longer, so come on now ya’ll, if you haven’t made your donation yet get on with it. Now git!